With Surge in Crypto-Currency Valuations, Crypto-Currency Funds are Gaining Preference with Large Investors

The recent surge in the valuations of crypto-currencies has given the decentralized world of digital currency a new breath of life. Bitcoin, Ethereum and the hundreds of other virtual tokens are now been sought after by billionaires who earlier dismissed them as a passing fad or bubble.

Crypto investment is the hot trend right now, and initial coin offerings (ICO) and cryptocurrency funds are in every conversation on the Wall Street and elsewhere. Given that an average investor would find the current prices of bitcoin and other digital currencies rather high, new cryptocurrency funds are now attracting attention due to their professional management, accessibility to investors, and availability as public, private or hedge funds.

The concept of a crypto-currency fund is not very unlike that of gold exchange traded funds. Both are professionally managed with a small fee, and give investors a great deal of freedom and flexibility, apart from ease of investment.

While earlier several factors made cryptocurrency funds unattractive, such as uncertain rules or lack of liquidity, the new offerings have managed to circumvent such shortcomings, allowing the average investor to invest in assets that comprise a host of popular and publicly traded crypto-currencies.

There are currently over 500 crypto-currencies, digital tokens and alt-coins available, and new ones are being introduced at an astonishing rate every day, such as Ventureon (VNN), created by Hypercube Ventures and meant exclusively for financing start-ups.

While bitcoin and other older tokens have appreciated sharply and gone beyond the reach of average investors, new crypto-currencies, apart from their cheaper price during initial coin offerings, offer additional advantages and features that would be of interest to investors. Venturion, for instance, has its own pool of projects which are ready for launch.

For more information, please visit: https://ventureon.hypercube.fund/

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