WINTER SOON — An engrossing murder mystery By David Michael Martin

What happens when your conscience keeps you on an edge over some ill deed of yours & brings you back to the place where it all started? What are you expected to find there? How it will affect you? This is the idea around which Author David Michael Martin’s debut novel “Winter Soon” revolves.

Plot: Three long time friends, John, Meech & Hoxie go out on a trip for fishing. There are some tangled threads of events between them as Meech resents Hoxie over meech’s breakup with his wife. John hopes the trip to be conciliatory as it was him who was in love with Meech’s wife for years. Things get worse when Meech, high on his ego, kills a huge bull moose & a confrontation between them & a game warden ends up with warden’s murder. They return back with a unity of secrecy as Greenville mourns warden’s death. Rumors are high whether the warden ran out on his pregnant wife Sarah. Suspicion of foul play is also on Byron Trask, who has been carrying on an affair with Sarah. John, safe in New Jersey, is wrenched by his conscience over the death of the warden & decides to return to Maine to find what has happened since. The web of incidents & unspoken secrets of relations add to the curiosity of the reader.

“Winter Soon” is the first novel from Author David Michael Martin. But it’s not his first in writing. Dr. David Michael Martin is a retired English professor from Monmouth University, in West Long Branch, New Jersey, where he spent 35 years.  Prior to that he served as a teacher at the University of Illinois. He received his Ph.D. in English Literature from New York University, New York.

Now with the release of “Winter Soon”, David has made his debut as a novelist. Published by JonRose Publishing, “Winter Soon” is reported be an engaging mystery novel. Reportedly, it is not a blood & gore adventure story aiming primarily at entertainment, but it is a high quality fiction where story & writing has been taken special care of. Characters & the detail is the recipe for an engrossing murder mystery & seems David has been successful in doing that, based on the reviews he is getting.

If you’re a fiction & mystery lover, you might want to take a shot at “Winter Soon”. The Book is available on kindle.

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