Win $1,000 with the Ecolone Handmade Soaps Challenge

Guess what is just as exciting as the history, food, drinks and the atmosphere in Louisiana, Ecolone Handmade Soaps! With their headquarters being located in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, the buzz is getting stronger and stronger nationwide when you mention the company Ecolone Handmade Soaps.  With the stage set to supply numerous schools across America with their highly profitable fundraising program, Ecolone Soaps has decided to add some flavor to the process. 

The #EcoloneSoapsChallenge can possibly land you $1,000 and a special gift from one of their sponsoring partners if you win. This challenge will help raise awareness and create a budget for research & development for kids with certain skin ailments like eczema, and more.  Do not be surprised if you happen to go viral! This challenge is one we are hoping goes viral and takes the world by storm. Talk about flavor, the videos will be judged by four of Louisiana’s most well-known and influential. Here are the judges for this exciting challenge. 

Who are the Judges?

LaTangela Fay Sherman

They say the best teacher is experience.  LaTangela Fay Sherman has that and more. With more 20 years plus of experience of being one of the most impactful on-air radio personalities in America, LaTangela Sherman is making an even bigger impact in the community. P.O.O.F! That is how fast LaTangela Fay Sherman is taking businesses and persons abroad to their next level in life. P.O.O.F stands for Power Over Obstacles Forever, which LaTangela is the founder and CEO of currently.  This impactful company changes lives and businesses from the inside out. LaTangela has done and seen most of it all from big movie stars to your current favorite music artist.  From the research collected abroad, LaTangela is one of the best things that has happened to Ecolone Handmade Soaps. Her expertise is priceless.

Comedian AO

They say laughter soothes the soul, Comedian AO is consistently showing the world he is the new soul healer.  Did you know, when you laugh the brain releases endorphins, which are chemicals that promote happiness and pleasure? To put it frank, Comedian AO and his work is completely addictive.  From his own brand of unique products to his huge spike in request for big event hosting, Comedian AO is potentially healing people without them even knowing it.  Here is a cool scientific fact for you. When Comedian AO makes people laugh, he possibly decreases their stress hormones and increases certain immune cells and antibodies which are infection-fighting. These elements alone could help improve your resistance to disease. His work ethic is not going unnoticed as he is getting calls for bookings for stand up shows and commercials around America. We won’t be surprised when we see Comedian AO on mainstream networks in the future like Netflix or Hulu. 

DJ Mario

To left: LaTangela Fay Sherman; To right: DJ Mario)

This isn’t the first time Ecolone Handmade Soaps has connected with DJ Mario.  You do not have to look far when booking a DJ who is more of maestro of music than anything. He doesn’t just DJ the events; he actually brings everything to life. His trending hashtag sums it up, #PlugMeUp. When DJ Mario says “plug me up”, the world should know it’s in their best interest to do so.  As we researched, DJ Mario works speaks for itself. He has the hottest radio mix in Louisiana featured on Baton Rouge’s Max 94.1 radio station and helps the youth by encouraging them to keep a positive mindset when he spins for schools and youth organizations.  We encourage you, especially if you are not located in Louisiana to download an app and tune in to DJ Mario on Max 94.1 daily.  Some of our sources say he sings also, we are guessing he is up to something special.

Brian Poydras

Most people know how to enjoy themselves and have a good time.  Brian Poydras owner of Vibrant Lyfe Productions is a professional entertainment company that can enhance and customize any experience in Louisiana.  From CEO’s private gala request, to booking your current favorite Hip-Hop artists, Brian Poydras has rubbed shoulders with most of them.  From nightlife entertainment to corporate events, people and businesses from all over America are referred to contact Brian Poydras and his entertainment company when visiting Louisiana. They say it’s not what you do, but how you do it.  Brian Poydras definitely can show you how to do it. 

How to Win:

1. Purchase a bar of soap at

2. Use discount code #EcoloneSoaps for 50% off

3. State your name/nickname clearly saying this is the #EcoloneSoapsChallenge; Take a creative, fun, exciting, and clean video using the soap.

4. Tag our judges via Instagram @EcoloneSoaps @latangelafay @aoiscomedy3 @_djmario @bj_bfresh with hashtag #EcoloneSoapsChallenge  

5. Wait for Ecolone Soaps to repost your video via Instagram @EcoloneSoaps to verify qualification.

We must admit Ecolone Handmade Soaps is a true trendsetter when it comes to taking a bath.  This challenge has created an excitement that raises awareness for the health of individuals. With their fundraising program being one of the highest profitable fundraisers, and no cost down, we can see why schools and organizations from abroad are booking their fundraisers with Ecolone Soaps Fundraising Program.  Not only can you buy some handmade soap and possibly save a kid, but you can possibly win $1,000 for your creativity!  Ecolone Handmade Soaps has definitely struck the curiosity of business experts, schools and organizations abroad with this one. As the company grows the world is starting to see it really is bigger than soap. 

Visit today for your chance to win $1,000.

Latangela Faye



Comedian AO

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Booking: Ken Brown

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DJ Mario

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Brain Poydras

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Instagram: @vibrantlyeevents

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