Wicked Drips is now offered Nationwide Through Mr. Checkout’s Direct Store Delivery Distributors.

All in one vape shop for your shop.
Acrylic Case for Countertops pre-filled with top 6 Vapor Company flavors in a variety of nicotine levels and 9 starter devices with additional coil refills in 3 varieties. Everything you need to bring E-liquid and Vaping into your store. Perfect for Gas Stations, Convenience Stores and any retail market.

The vape industry has quickly become one of the fastest growing industries in the United States. For the average general store owner, it can be confusing to know what to order to get these products into their stores. There are a million flavors, different nicotine levels, different blends of pg and vg, and too many devices to count! We have taken the confusion out of the ordering process by making a preloaded counter display with premium eliquid that customers love and some of the popular starter devices used to vape. A hassle-free way to get the product customers are looking for right on the counter.  

Our sales executive spends countless hours on the road traveling around presenting this product. Privately owned shops have easily become happy customers of Wicked Drips. However, when confronted with corporate owned stores we find they only order from larger distribution centers and cannot order from us directly. This is where we need your help! Just this week alone we took a survey and 15 out of 25 gas stations and convenience stores that are owned by large corporations said they would love to have our product as the customers ask for quality eliquid all the time and they are unable to get it.  

Wicked Drips is a full service vape manufacturing and distribution company that has been in the vape industry since 2010. Seven years of experience has allowed us to find the perfect flavor combinations. Our flavor specialist was a chef before being recruited into Wicked Drips! This allows us to have many award-winning flavors. We currently comply with all the new standards recently released in the industry. All of our eliquid is manufactured in a temperature controlled clean room using HEPA filters and personal protective gear. We use only USP approved PG and VG in our juice, as well as GCC approved lids on all our bottles.

The Preloaded Vapor Company display is sure to be a hit to store owners and customers alike, providing all their vape needs in one spot.

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