Who Says Single Mums Can’t Be Hot?

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Single mums have every right to a normal love-life, to be loved by someone unconditionally, just like any other single woman.

Who says single mums can’t be hot? Miranda Kerr, aged 34, previously married and mother of one, just recently tied the knot with Snapchat founder Evan Spiegel, 26, with an age difference of eight years. Forget the fact that she’s a former Victoria’s Secret model and she’s just 34-year-old single mum.

After her divorce with actor Orlando Bloom in 2013, Kerr didn’t give up on her love-life, on once again finding her true love. Kerr and Spiegel met at a dinner in 2014 and got engaged in July 2016.

Is dating a single mum really that challenging? In Asia, especially China, yes, because it is considered taboo and even illegal – there is serious prejudice and discrimination against single mums, making it extremely difficult for them to find someone who will accept them for who they are. Their choices are exceptionally limited. Have you ever wondered why so many Asian women look abroad instead of in their own countries? Well, it’s because western men are known to be more accepting and understanding of others. They don’t mind women’s pasts that much.

Dating single mums is not shameful. They have every right, just like any other single woman, to a normal love-life, to be loved by someone unconditionally. We shouldn’t discriminate against them. Single mums can, in fact, be even more attractive as they are more mature. They can be more independent, responsible, caring and gentle. They will more than likely know how to cook, are more financially independent. As a result, those who date them will have a different experience, a more relaxing relationship.

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