When and how to take advantage of dentist offices that offer both DDS support and Orthodontist support systoms

Dr. Ripa received his DDS degree from University of Stony Brook, School of Dentistry. Since graduating from this highly regarded New York institution he has taken many post graduate courses in various fields of dentistry
Dental offices that offer access to a DDS and Orthodontist may be able to cover a larger network of services and here is why.

ORTHODONTISTS versus DENTISTS: One has to look into the overall treatment plan to find the best side by side comparison. Orthos typically handle cosmetics and Dentists handle general things like fillings, cleanings, and gum disease. 

A general dentist will not typically have a lot of Invisalign experience, however specialists have found that some especially in the Florida area in general have constant requests for this procedure and may provide care comparable to that provided by an orthodontist. Typically orthodontists with experience in using not only Invisalign but other systems may have a wider approach that could better work for clients. Particularly if the treament needs are difficult. Experts propose arranging a consultation with both and only then selecting the person to do their treatment, based not only on their comfort with the doctors (and vice versa), but also the office staff and atmosphere as well. The likelihood is that either practitioner can meet your expectations. However, it’s also recommended to choose an office that has both an Orthodontist on staff and a DDS. This is the ideal situation.

One may have Orthodontic insurance through their plan, it will cover some of this treatment. Some times cash is a good option — the client just has to negotiate that during their consultation.

The treatment cost varies based on the length and type of treatment, the complexity and the location. There was a recent case in which the client received Invisalign treatment at a dentist in Miami overlooking the beach and the cost was $13,000. The average fee in the USA is $3500-$16500. Some smaller cases can be less, and difficult cases with lots of after retainer work can be more. Payment plans could be a good option and costs could be $200-$400 per month on average. Some dental offices charge extra for the initial patient records, some offices also charge extra for retainers which can be worn after treatment is done to prevent the teeth from moving back. 

If the commitment level is low and a client can not afford to have something in their mouth for at least 22 hours per day, they may choose implants over braces and or Invisalign treatment. It’s similar to training for combat or studying to be a lawyer — if one cheats on the process, they won’t get results in the end, and all the time energy and effort is wasted. 

Invisalign is mainly a product used for cosmetic purposes; people should discuss with their orthodontist if they have — or they think they have — structural issues with their teeth. Invisalign is very good, but in cases where there are bite problems, Invisalign should not be used. If a client is getting them because they don’t want the look of wire braces, wire braces do a much better job, and are adaptable to different mouth and bite problems that Invisalign can not address; in such a case, clients need to reconsider their reservations regarding wire braces. Some homework needs to be done (one can get multiple suggestions before they commit to an orthodontic office, and also remember to check reviews and insights as these are sometimes a good indication of how the office operates); clients can find out what will work best both for cosmetic and for structural reasons.

Invisalign typically will address bites… it’s the orthodontist that doesn’t. There are a few ways they deal with over/under bites and such. One way is using rubber bands for attachments, which pull the jaw into place… and another way is having traditional braces which use spring and pull tensions for fitment.

Potential clients are advised to see the picture of the final product  before commiting to it.  And of course one should remember the best methods are the ones that have been tried and proven; both options have been around for a while and have helped thousands of individuals worldwide.

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