What’s My Router IP Rescues Users from IT and IP Darkness: Don’t Let A Day Pass Before Learning Something New

If people have had a technical hitch at home or office and had to ask an IT guru talk them through the process of rectifying the problem, they may have given up even before they got started. All that because they couldn’t figure out half the words the person on the other end of the line was saying, right? Do people know their private and public IP address? Well, What’s My Router IP understand how frustrating it gets when the professional speaks mouthfuls of jargon hence their informative and easy-to-decipher website.

What’s My Router IP

Since the techs assume that visitors know everything about routers and IP addresses, they hardly explain terms or processes simply. It is, for that reason, that this company created a website dedicated to answering all tough questions of visitors on all matters router IPs. The IP, an important sequence of digits will save people the trouble when they need to change their admin passwords and to change the configuration of their router. They should, therefore, know the numbers and what they mean.

What’s My Router IP helps People find their private and public IP?

Before differentiating these two components?

Does anyone know what an IP address is?

An IP address is an abbreviation for Internet Protocol Address which is a unique address used by every device connected to a network via the internet.

How does it work? Well, when visitor’s device gets connected to the internet, the IP address links to a website’s server IP in the background. That way, visitors can see content from other websites

In a home setting, all the devices connected to the internet will share one IP address and the public IP of their modem, translating to a connection to the NAT.

Public and Private IP.

Public IP (WAN) Address: it refers to the IP address which faces the rest of the world.

Private IP (LAN) Address: refers to the address people use on their home network. This is also called the Gateway IP address. Without the LAN, the devices connected to their home network will not access the internet. They may look at the LAN as the control center for their home internet – they need for routing of all kinds of information. When configuring their router from the outside world, they use LAN. The most common configuration for IP addresses is 192.168.1.

About What’s My Router IP

What’s My Router IP is a company offering information about all the simple and the complicated matters relating to routers or modems with DCHP.

For more information, kindly visit http://whatsmyrouterip.com/.

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