What will Happen to China’s E-commerce Industry in 2014?

China is ready to launch the largest online marketplace in the world to be in the coming years, according to professional estimates.

China will expand a test program to make it easier to make the tightly controlled capital account for businesses to multi-national transfer of money within the country and also abroad, in a move that will further open.

The experiment, which began in Beijing and Shanghai in 2012, came in response to the growing demand for international companies operating in China for more freedom, their increasing amounts of Yuan to increase the effectiveness of their capital management. E-commerce in China is going through the experiment of online sales and purchase.

Online trading in China has produced almost $ 121 billion last year that is no doubt a huge boost of 66% contrasted to 2010, according to Barclays Capital. E-commerce market in China is expected to become triple in coming three years, with a turnover of $ 420 billion in 2015. This is 20% more than what the market expects of e – commerce U.S. to do this year.

China is dealing with 193 million web shoppers or online buyers; this ratio is far more than any other country. It is expected that buyers will spend more than $1,000 in 2015, the same amount; the United States has 170 million online consumers to spend each year. Up to this point china e-commerce is expected of more than 8% retail sales.

One of the factors of unexpected growth in online sales is Chinese middle class that is expected to spend almost $3.2 billion over the next twenty years. About 40% of Chinese population – the spread of broadband Internet subsidized by the government and internet-capable phones has expanded the pool of potential buyers of 513 million. Internet via high-speed cable costs about $ 10 per month compared to $ 30 a month in India and 27 dollars a month in Brazil.

According to McKinsey’s report in 2013, China has been established, the second largest market for e-commerce in the world, with approximately U.S. $ 190 billion in sales. For ten years, the rate of growth of e-commerce in China has increased by more than 100 percent.

E-commerce in China, moreover, has experienced strong campaign aspect of retail, making it one of the coolest e-tailing has been ordered with an increase of more than 5-6 per cent of total retail sales in 2012, while the United States is was only five percent.

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