What is Santeria/Ifa/Palo the religion? How to choose an Ile/Religious house?

What is an Ile? Ile-Ifa means literally “the house of Ifa”. The ile-ifa is one of the places where this bridge can be constructed; out of words, intention, and prayer.

Depending on where you are located, it can be very difficult in Ifa/Lukumi to find an Ile or godparents. There are many who are more than happy to take your money without actually giving you anything.

When joining anyone in Santeria, it’s important that there is Acceptance.

There is no rush, and taking your time to find out all these little details is significantly important.

I find Structure to be very important. Structure and Stability.

This is not a standalone “practice”. If you meet a solitary priest who has no elders, run. Everyone has someone above them; the design is hierarchical. Your prospective godparents should be able to tell you who their godparents are, who their godparents godparents are, who their godparents, godparents of the godparents are and go through the lineage to where ever their lineage is from.

There is also a community that surrounds the godparent, it can be a small one or a large one, but tradition is communal.

Have realistic Expectations in your Ile.

One way to be an asset to your godparents is to keep everything on the up and up as much as possible. I am very big on this one, Do not shop for answers.

Going from priest to priest until you feel your questions were answered well enough. Going from priest to priest until you get the reading you wanted to hear.

Do not hang around botanicas not belonging to your godparents.

I call mine if I absolutely have to go to a botanica.

Elders, as a general rule, are not particularly fond of questioning. RESPECT is key. Do not forget you are speaking to someone with years of knowledge of secrets and tradition in that head you are disrespecting with your assault-like questioning.

Many of my clients have called me to get Consults and readings about their Ile/Padrino/Madrina behaviors. So I will be straight with this subject.

Intergodsibling relationships are forbidden. It is likened to incest, as is a relationship with a godparent. If you find yourself in a spot where you want are Leaving an Ile it is very important for you to leave on respectful terms.

As I opened myself up to share my experiences in Santeria, on YouTube/katz0411, I found more and more people needed help in these areas. I teamed up with some of the best Babalawos and Santerias in the country and Cuba as to offer the services and refer my apprentice and clients over to a traditional Ile, Respectable Loving, Caring God-Parents and it brings me much satisfaction.

To get a referral and select one of the many services that Katz Rodriguez, Ordained High Priestess, and her team have to offer. Please contact her at her website or watch one of her many informative videos on YouTube. 

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