What happens when you get caught between redemption and a robbery (Lick) gone wrong?

What happens when a robbery goes wrong & a person who is on the verge of redemption & trying to bring his life on track gets trapped in situations & becomes wanted for a murder he didn’t commit? Shall he turn to his old ways to clear his name? Will he be able to pay the price for this decision? Such is the plot of author Aaron Guy Clegg’s new book “Feet of Iron & Clay” on which now Terry & Renay Bowser& team are planning to make a movie with the same title.

As reported, the idea behind turning this book into a movie is to inspire & encourage the audience to consider the plight of those who may be criminals by name only. The book itself is a story of redemption & by making a movie on it, they want to present a story which reveals human experiences & conveys a message that everyone has the ability to change not only the course of their own lives, but the lives of others too. The idea is not just to make a movie, but also to live up to the vision of the author Aaron Guy Clegg. It’s a story with a very good message which needs to be presented to the viewers.

Reportedly, trailers for the movie & the book have been shot along with seven minutes of production quality footage of the film. The title track for the film, called “Lick Gone Wrong”, has also been recorded. Bowser Unlimited, LLC has dedicated funding to this project, but they require additional funding for the production. For this, they have started a crowd funding campaign. It’s difficult for such movies, with an uplifting message, to reach theatres. So to present the modern audience with not just a movie but a quality entertainment, they are trying to connect the fans & viewers with this production & also asking for their guidance for betterment of the project.

For the same purpose, they have setup the following pages:

a facebook fan page: https://www.facebook.com/FeetOfIronAndClay
on instagram:  https://instagram.com/feetofironnclay/, &
a twitter account: https://twitter.com/FeetOfIronAndClay to connect with the fans.

It is an effort, not only for living up to the inspiring vision of theirs to make a movie with a noble message but also include audience to participate in the development of the film. They have started a fundraising campaign for the production of this movie & have some exciting rewards for the contributors, from an autographed (author’s) copy of the novel, to you& your family’s name in the credits as Executive Producer along with the DVD of the movie & autographed copy of the novel. 

You can also join, share& contribute in their fundraising campaign through: https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/feet-of-iron-and-clay/x/10522018

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