Well Hello (Creamed) Honey — Where Have You Been All My Life?

Ever tried honey that has been creamed to perfection? It melts in your mouth but doesn’t drip down your chin. One company is using a new Kickstarter crowd sourcing campaign to help churn out honey – and wake up your taste buds. It is the perfect texture for soothing adult and children’s sore throats and gives a healthy flavour boost to your favourite beverage. 

Creamed Honey plans to offer the very best in creamed honey available. To do that they need your help in funding the special ‘churning’ machines needed.  Common uses of honey are in cooking, baking, as a spread on bread, and as an addition to beverages including tea, and as a sweetener in smoothies and some commercial beverages. 

Thanks to Creamed Honey your ‘common’ honey is ordinary no more! This delicious natural honey will be whipped using special machines. The process takes a couple of days and results in a delicate, gentle yet rich texture and flavour. The benefits of adding honey to your healthy diet are well-documented. Unfortunately, some adults and children don’t eat it simply because they don’t like the taste. Creamed Honey plans to take your taste buds to a new level… you’ll never complain honey is ‘boring’ again.

After the churning process is complete the creamy honey gets a flavour kick by adding your choice of nuts and/or dried berries to give it a more unique flavour. Choices will include: strawberry, peach, blueberry, cherry or almond, peanut, hazelnut, cashew. In order to ‘churn’ this dream into reality they need your help. That’s why a new Kickstarter funding campaign has been launched. Find out more about the churning process and all the great rewards waiting in exchange for your support of this crowd funding site. With an attainable goal of $3,000 to purchase the required equipment, this velvety smooth honey could be enjoyed at your home in the near future. Pledges start at just one dollar. For five dollars you’ll get a special letter of thanks from the owners for helping to make their dream come true.

To really ‘taste the rewards’, pledges of $25 or more will get a special order of 8oz Creamed Honey with either dried blueberries, peaches or cherries (see the site for all the flavour options) delivered to your door. Take advantage of all kinds of other ‘tasty’ funding combinations via Kickstarter campaign rewards. Shipping is free to the US and the product can be shipped to friends and family in Canada for a small fee (add $12 USD for delivery outside the US).

There’s only a short time to get in on this campaign. If you want flavourful creamy honey delivered to your doorstep – show your support today. Check out the mouth-watering Honey is Celestial Food Kickstarter campaign details and share the links widely with friends and family.

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