Weekend Workshop in Munich, Germany at Manolaya Yoga Course Conducted by Namito (Yoga Guru at Rakesh Yoga School, Goa, India) Starting from August 25th – 27th 2017

Yoga Guru Namito

Munich, Germany – Today, the yoga lovers have decided to conduct special yoga workshop classes for the yoga freaks and for those who are interested in yoga but do not get a clue about how and where to start with their yoga training. Famous Yoga trainer Namito, who will be conducting these workshop classes is one of those competent and experienced yoga guru who have dedicated their life in search of peace and tranquility.

Mr. Namito is basically a yoga trainer at Rakesh Yoga School located at Goa, India. It is a reputed yoga training institute that trains thousands of yoga lovers every year and leads their trainees to the righteous path, teaches them how to emphasize on self-respect, develop confidence and meditate to extract the purity of personality from inside.

The yoga training program at Rakesh Yoga School comprises of comprehensive and very simple yoga postures and meditation techniques. The organizers of yoga workshop at Munich, Germany want to introduce the basic meditation techniques to those who have interest in yoga and want the yoga enthusiasts to reach the excellence level in meditation.

The workshop to be conducted for three days will commence from August 25th, 2017 and will end on 27-08-2017. During these three days yoga guru Namito will teach different philosophies of yoga and will make the students to learn different meditation techniques like Yoga Vinyasa and Yoga Nidra. Besides these they will be taught about the depths of applied anatomy and Yoga Sutras.

We are living a stressful life where our busy life routine do not let us to give some time to our self, to do something which can nurture our personality. The simplest way to achieve a balanced personality is to give some time to yoga and to meditate in order to cherish your inner self.

Different yoga postures like forward and backward stretching will be practically taught to all the attendants. Here are the details of different yoga techniques that will be practiced during the workshop.

Yoga Sutras:

Yoga sutras are the most authoritative information about yoga, a collection of details about the eight limbs of yoga. This basic knowledge is essentially required to be taught to every yoga beginner because it introduces the purpose and meaning of life to the yogis and teaches them how to deduct happiness and joy from day to day routine. Yoga sutras emphasizes on living a stress free life and to follow the path of enlightenment.

Yantra Yoga:

Yantra yoga is a complete package which is practiced in order to get a command over your mind body, and energy. It is the best way of boosting up your energies in order to attain maximum potentials from your body.

We bet you that learning yantra yoga will be a unique lifetime experience for your body and you will learn how to moderate your achievements and success.

At this stage the trainees will be taught how to rule over their conscious and sub conscious. How to master their mind in order to achieve a perfect personality and find the purest form of you. These are the yoga techniques that are excessively practiced by majority of Hindu deities and at the workshop you will learn how to implement these practices in your daily life routine.

Vinyasa Yoga

From vinyasa yoga we mean tocontrol your movements, postures and activities through synchronizing your breath. This technique is also known as flow yoga. Basically there are three stages of flow yoga, slow flow yoga, power flow and hot flow yoga. During the workshop the yogis will be taught to adapt to the slow flow or hot flow yoga depending upon their excellence in yoga. All the asana related to this yoga technique directly affect your cardio vascular health. About slow flow yoga, the gurus admit that it is the simplest form of yoga to be learnt for the beginners.

Guru Namito, from Rakesh Yoga School Goa, India will personally perform all the asana in front of the students just to encourage the beginners to practice simple yoga techniques and with passage of time they will move the trainees towards the higher level of yoga.

For all those who are interested in learning these once in a lifetime yoga experiences are invited to attend the three day workshop and increase their personality developing knowledge. For the convenience of the readers, complete details of the three day workshop are mentioned and it is suggested that if you want to get registered with this workshop, do not hesitate to apply and get yourself registered today and get facilitated with this easily affordable yoga training workshop under the supervision of Guru Namito of Rakesh Yoga School Goa, India.

The complete schedule of yoga workshop is mentioned as under –

Yoga Trainer:

  • Namito
  • Lisa Lien

Daily Schedule:

Day 01:



Introduction to yoga alignment and anatomy

19:30- 21:00

Satsang, introduction to the philosophy of Yoga Sutras

Day 02:


10:30 – 13:30

Part 01:

Workshop on Forward Bend / Backward extension with Anatomy- Applied Anatomy

13:30 – 15:00

Lunch Break

15:00 – 18:00

Part II

Workshop on Forward Bend/ Backward extension with Anatomy- Applied Anatomy

Satsang Topic

Yantra Yoga conscious mind / subconscious mind

How Hindu deities connect to the philosophy of yoga and how to apply in everyday life.

Day 03


10:00 – 13:00

Yoga Workshop on Vinyasa

Yoga Nidra

Price per Day:

Price of attending complete 3 day workshop:

EURO 230, 00 (if you apply till July 15th)

EURO 250, 00 (for those who apply after July 15th 2017)

Fees per Day:

Day 01: EURO 75, 00

Day 02: EURO 150, 00

Day 03: EURO 75, 00

CXL Policy

Early Bird 100 % payment in advance, after payment course will be confirmed

Normal 5 days, in this case, 20% registration fee will be charged.

For further details kindly contact the following website:


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