Weawow: A Brand New Weather App That Is Taking The World By Storm

Reliable weather services can be hard to come by, and the ones that do offer precise information usually have clustered and jumbled interfaces that make navigating through them an impossible task by itself. This is one complaint that many users of such software and programs have stated in the past.

Keeping these issues in mind, and in an attempt to solve all of them, Weawow Inc. shows pride and pleasure in their release of their brand new weather app called the ‘weawow’.

The Weawow app not only provides one with breathtaking stock photos of nature and awe-inspiring scenes, but also gives their users the ability to view accurate weather forecasts without the usual clutter or cluster of useless information provided by other similar services that can bog-down and over-complicate the experience quite a bit.

As a result of this, many users have stated how Weawow has not only managed to provide them with accurate weather updates, but also has succeeded in doing so with simplicity and finesse. The app is also quite renowned for providing one with images and pictures that match the forecast of their location.

The forecasts are updated every hour, so there is very little chance of ever being caught off-guard due to unexpected weather. The impressive interface also allows their users to visualize a week’s worth of weather through a single glance.

Covering nearly 60,000 cities around the world, Weawow has become one of the most flexible and accessible weather update apps that one can install on their Android system, offering every tiny detail including the movement of rain clouds, possible temperature throughout the day, and wind movements within the next 24 hours, while still maintain a clean and streamlined user interface.

Another feature of Weawow that has received notable praise is its platform to buy and sell beautiful photos. Their users can post their pictures through an internet browser and earn money while doing so. Any picture uploaded this way will automatically be available on the android app as well. To download Android App: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.weawow

About Weawow:

Weawow is a weather update app that is quickly becoming popular for its timely updates, notification system and amazingly simple and straight-to the-point user interface. The app also offers the ability to buy and sell photos which is becoming an aspect that is piquing the curiosity and interest of many.

For more information: https://weawow.com/marketplace

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