Wearable Technology: Essential for our Future

Tech In System’s Turbinator TG3 enhances on-the-job training and troubleshooting capabilities.
Recently Turbine Technology Services co-founder George Gramatikas presented a webinar on wearable technology which aired on Element14.com.

Orlando FL – Wearable technology is an important part of the future that will provide numerous industries with consistent training, troubleshooting and on-the-job personnel protection, said George Gramatikas, co-founder of Turbine Technology Services (TTS), in the June 4 webinar “Wearable Technology: Essential for our Future” on Element14.com. 

TTS developed the Turbinator TG3, a wearable human interface designed to keep operators in touch with turbines in power plants. The technology incorporates Google Glass, a hands-free device that integrates an optical head-mounted display, augmented reality, camera, web access and voice-based interaction. TG3 wearers can connect wirelessly with any expert around the world for workplace assistance. TTS introduced the first version in 1996.  

“We were ahead of our time and it really fits the need,” Gramatikas said. “It allowed us to control the power that was essential to our entire community. That was a pretty significant step for us in wearable technology.”

For centuries, wearable technology has been in existence, starting with eyeglasses in medieval times. Modern wearable technology includes smart phones and prosthetic limbs. Wearable technology has become “an industry standard” in several industries like power generation, education and healthcare, Gramatikas said.

“The Google Glass and wearable technology are here. The only question is where is it going?” Gramatikas said. “We have an infinite number of applications… limited by our imaginations and our willingness to sit down and program them.”

Here is more information on the webinar: http://bit.ly/1ruRKod

Turbine Technology Services was co-founded by George Gramatikas, Turbine Technology Services (TTS) is the inventor of the Turbinator TG3, the world’s first industrial wearable wireless human machine interface. For more information, visit www.TechInSystems.com.

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