Wealth or Poverty: The Choice is Yours is a Practical and Inspirational Book For Those Looking For Financial Guidance

Written by financial educator and consultant Dr. Teresa R. Martin, Wealth or Poverty: The Choice is Yours is the perfect companion to any business or personal finance venture

Wealth or Poverty: The Choice is Yours is Dr. Teresa R. Martin’s new guidebook to financial success. Using a fable of two women, one who thinks she is rich and another woman who thinks she is poor, Dr. Martin educates the reader on techniques and tactics towards financial stability and accomplishments.

This easy to read book includes chapters such as “Lack vs. Abundance Mindset – Learning How to Deal with Challenges”, “Investing and Cash Flow Regardless of Your Background”, and “Noticing the Opportunities Present in Your Everyday Life”. Each chapter provides the reader with easy to implement techniques that will change their lives for the better.

Dr. Teresa R. Martin is a successful and well-known legal representative and financial speaker. With over fifteen years of experience in the legal fields of real estate and bankruptcy, Dr. Martin has learned a multitude of economic skills. Dr. Martin teaches financial literacy using her “Generational Wealth Zone” approach. This approach focuses on helping people create and maintain wealth through the four areas of business ownership, real estate, financial literacy, and stock market investing.

Wealth or Poverty: The Choice is Yours addresses all of Dr. Teresa R. Martin’s techniques and tactics to create and sustain personal wealth. Her main goal is to help readers achieve financial freedom, and to be financially independent. Through the allegory of the two women in her book who explore their financial options, readers are able to see their own lives and their own pathways towards a life of secure financial success.

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