“We Love Paleo” Counting on Passion for Healthy Life reaches 50% of Funding Goal

April 04, 2014, USA. Did you know that the Paleo diet was the most googled diet in 2013?

It turns out, that an exciting new international feature documentary “We Love Paleo” is exploring conventional health and wellness benefits of the growingly popular Paleo lifestyle. The movie will feature Paleo authorities such as Dr. Cordain and Dr. Briffa from the UK, Michelle Norris from Paleo F(x)™,  Chief Editor Cain Credicott from Paleo Magazine (the world’s first print magazine solely dedicated to Paleo) and many other bloggers, chefs, trainers and entrepreneurs who continue to defy conventional wisdom to promote the Paleo way of life. The film will feature people from the United-States, Australia, the UK and Germany.

From a lifestyle perspective:

Paleo refers to living (as much as one can) as our hunter-gatherer ancestors presumably did before the advent of agriculture 10,000 years ago by applying certain pre-agriculture behaviours to our modern-day life.

From a diet perspective:

The Paleo diet is based upon eating wholesome, contemporary foods from the food groups our hunter-gatherer ancestors would have thrived on during the Palaeolithic era, the time period from about 2.6 million years ago to the beginning of the agricultural revolution. The Paleo diet has been embraced by fitness experts, doctors, and those wanting a longer, healthier life in countries around the world. It’s gaining attention for all the right reasons: better health, fewer chronic diseases, and weight loss.

“We Love Paleo” producers and filmmaking team firmly believe that ‘seeing is believing’, and having reached 50% of their funding goal they are excited and confident that with a little extra help we can all bring this movie into reality.

However, they need to reach their modest funding goal first. That’s why they have launched a crowd funding campaign for “We Love Paleo” via Indiegogo, which happens to be the world’s first crowd-funded feature documentary on Paleo.

Donations of any size are gratefully accepted and there are some great perks waiting! Have your name in the credits, get a ‘sneak peak’ of the film before anyone else, receive on-set updates and get access to Skype chats, or even visit the set!

As fans of Paleo already know, this lifestyle can improve your everyday health, minimize your risk of chronic disease, and help you to lose weight. If you’re passionate about health it’s time to fan the flames of this campaign. Fund what you can, but don’t forget to share the links with friends and co-workers using the Indiegogo share tool right below the main video.

Budget permitting, the team even has plans to subtitle the movie in Spanish, German and French.

Your support will lead to “We Love Paleo” bringing the message of a healthier lifestyle to those who need it the most around the world.

Find out more today:

A feature documentary exploring the Paleo diet and why it is believed to be the best one for optimal health in humans.

“We Love Paleo” Indiegogo Campaign: http://buff.ly/1oYuMVA

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