July 3rd, 2018 – Sharjah, UAE – Nobody has ever become poor by Giving, and Waszupp Global has the Biggest heart of all.

Waszupp Global introduces a blockchain technology platform with the concept of crowdfunding with the aim to raise three billion dollars, in order to fund hopes and dreams for individuals, across the globe.

Waszupp Global Is Committed & Dedicated To Blessing Lives Across The Globe. Become a Part of This Humanitarian Venture & Lucrative Business Concept. Where we Turn Ordinary People Into Extraordinary Leaders And lead you to Financial Freedom. 

The organization offers individuals the opportunity to join its innovative blockchain technology platform as a VIP Independent Business Partner

and receive the following benefits: A Waszupp Entrepreneurship Programme with the ability to earn commission through more than 12 streams of income, Retail commissions, Self-replicating marketing site with auto responders and lead generation tools, view commissions in Real Time and lots more.

IBPs have the chance to become founding directors in their respective countries with time, and are due benefits like a One Million dollar home purchase, A One Million dollar car purchase and will receive training at exotic locations across the globe.

“It’s quite easy to register and to take the first step towards financial freedom by registering from your sponsor’s website. Then you can go on to activate your account by donating in Bitcoins. The most important feeling is that as you grow your team and contribute to the welfare of others, your lifestyle also changes through the Noble Art Of Giving.” Mr Ash H Sahib, Founder of Waszupp Global organization, commented about the platform.

“Waszupp Global’s blockchain technology platform was created in order to raise $3billion dollars for charities across the globe. IBPs who register with Waszupp Global will have the opportunity to own their own Network Marketing business and generate a potential $200 – $300 dollars a day in Bitcoin.

Waszupp Global hopes to realize its three core goals through Crypto Currency Education, Social Media Marketing and its innovative synergy with Crowdfunding, to ensure that the organization reaches out to individuals from Nigeria, Uganda, Kenya, El Salvador, South Africa, Dominica, Iran, Sudan, Somalia, Ghana, Congo, Guatemala and a lot of other countries around the world. To learn more about Waszupp Global, and to become part of this phenomenal company and join as an IBP with a one-time fee of $99, please visit the organization’s website http://www.waszuppglobal.com.

About Waszupp Global

Waszupp Global is an organization dedicated to building a platform and foundation for funding hopes and dreams for people throughout the world. The organization hopes to inspire the gift of giving and creating a contagion of contribution through “The Art Of Noble Giving”. Waszupp Global was borne out of the vision to empower, benefit and bless people around the world with and through the spirit of giving and contribution. Waszupp Charity Foundation is an arm of Waszupp Global and is the brain child of the organization’s Chairman/CEO, Ash H Sahib. It was founded to help the needy and downtrodden from all over the world. The vision of Mr. Ash H Sahib is to generate 3 BILLION USD through our foundation and donate it to worthy causes from around the world. The Foundation is managed by an esteemed advisory council of directors. Causes that Waszupp Global funds include: Medical care, Orphanage homes, Non profit organizations, Old age homes, Children’s Education and NGOs helping poor people.

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