Want a Super Nutritious Breakfast? Try Major Protein’s Pancake Mixes and Syrups

Major Protein makes Healthy protein-filled pancakes and syrups that will make the body feel and look good while keeping the planet green

Manhattan. NY – Nothing quite beats having a super nutritious breakfast that tastes so good, fills one so well, and makes sure one does not rivet to junk food during the day. Is you are looking for that type of food, then Major Protein is your go-to place. They make the best protein pancakes and waffles, protein mixes, and protein syrups, creating a brand that benefits both the body and the planet.

Major Protein’s products are gluten-free, high in protein, contain no soy, rich with sustainable ingredients, and eco-friendly. They are also very easy to make, as all one needs do is mix, pour and flip. They are also perfect for fitness and body building as they contain the right kind of ingredient and flavor that keeps the body strong and balanced. It is a well-known fact that getting the body one desires from fitness routines depends 80% on the type of food we consume. Well, aside from being incredibly delicious, one flip of Major Protein’s pancakes or syrups contains the perfect blend of ingredients for body builders.

Major Protein lays a serious emphasis on keeping the planet green in their production of the pancakes, waffles, mixes and syrups. Their main goal is to produce healthy and nutritious protein baked food with fresh, locally sourced and balanced ingredients which are also sustainable. A bag of Major Protein mix reduces half a million liters of water in one year making their products water, waste and waist reducing. Their products are not only made of sustainable ingredients, but their packaging is fully reusable and recyclable showing their commitment to ending plastic waste in the world. This sets them apart from their competitors

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About Major Protein

Major Protein was founded by Stephen John Williams after he traveled the world searching for a cleaner solution to eating healthy.

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