Vitamin Bytes Launches Chewable and Fruity Flavored Vitamin C Products

Vernon Hills, Illinois – A healthy intake of vitamins is critically vital for growing kids. If the modern diet falls short of an adequate supply of Vitamin C, two new health products by Vitamin Bytes, Vitamin C 25mg and 5mg, are now available to ensure a balanced diet for kids.

Anyone desirous of boosting the immune system of their little kids can now do so with Vitamin C 25mg and Vitamin C 5mg, intended for children in ages between 3-14+ years as well as adults. The products are available in both chewable tablets and gummy slices with unique sizes, shapes and flavors.

Little kids are more prone to allergies, cold and weather afflictions and require a healthy diet to keep their immune system ticking. Vitamin C, or ascorbic acid, is well known as a powerful immune booster that safeguards health, working as a natural, protective shield against colds and flu. To keep little adventurers active and healthy, the Ultimate Vitamin C Chewable Tablets support high energy levels, supply natural elements for top performance, and ward off inflammations and weather related afflictions.

“At Vitamin Bytes, we know kids. We now offer every modern parent a high-end, kid’s nutrition booster in the unbeatable fruit taste that children simply can’t resist!” says the spokesperson from Vitamin Bytes.

The Vitamin C chewable tablets and gummies are ideal for kids to give them natural support for high performance and achievements in school academics and sports. Easy to take and carrying a delicious, mouth watering taste, parents need not agonize any longer about their kids’ dietary requirements.  The tablets can also be dissolved in water to make a refreshing glass of health filled juice.

Vitamin Bytes is a one-stop online store that features the latest healthy ingredients that enhance the immune system and act as anti-inflammatory agents. The Vitamin C tablets also support healthy skin and blood vessels, and are free from gluten, wheat, milk, tree nuts, peanuts, eggs, fish or shell fish, making it a safe choice.

“Our offerings are an ultimate toddler Vitamin C nutritional formula, safely made in the USA and submitted to the most rigorous testing. They are also unbeatable in giving your child the ultimate nutrients he/she needs for healthy growth and excellent performance,” said the spokesperson from Vitamin Bytes.

Vitamin Bytes health products aim at giving children the health boosting diet they require in easily absorbable and chewable form. The products will soon be available for purchase on its Amazon page.

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