Bovine Colostrum, a form of superfood created by cows in the first 24h window around the birth of a new baby calf, has gained traction as a major health supplement in athletic and nutrition circles. 

It is nutrient rich full of immunity boosters and growth factors, designed to fortify an infant digestive system as its first meal. It is swiftly replaced with less potent normal breast milk in the infant’s diet, but the health benefits intended to give newborns a head start are equally useful to full grown adults.

In addition to providing a benefit to immunity health, it may also be a tool for weight control.

Alex Mayfield, a Harvard trained biologist and Head of Research and Development at Cellular Research Institute, makers of the Vitality Colostrum supplement, explains.

“What colostrum is supposed to do is send all these booster nutrients that target growth and immunity into a newborn’s immune system to make them healthy, big, and strong… All factors that are desirable for anyone. What we’re seeing more and more though as we study our American diet full of chemicals, processed food, and how all these things are contributing to obesity, physical and mental illness in our country, is that this toxic damage to our digestive health sabotages our digestive efficiency, making it difficult for us to properly process our food, and get what we need from it. Basically, it’s a vicious circle- The worse you eat, the worse you get at eating.”

He goes on,

“A compromised digestive system can literally leak. Disease causing pathogens sneak through the cracks in the walls of your intestine into your blood, you miss opportunities to digest important nutrients in food, the beneficial bacteria in your colon, the kind we want to keep, starve and lose their homes to evil, unhealthy species of bacteria. Colostrum is designed by nature to fortify digestion. It’s made to prepare weak little baby intestines for eating real food outside of the womb. As adults, we can still take advantage of this super baby food, it works just as well for us. Our colleagues that focus on gastrointestinal health believe more and more that rebuilding healthy digestion will lead to greater overall health, and one of the big benefits of an efficient, healthy digestive system that can process good food and support healthy bacteria is that it can lead you to natural, effortless passive weight loss.”

The developers of Vitality Colostrum suggest that the best time to take Vitality Colostrum is in the morning on an empty stomach, two capsules daily. Though some men and women may receive quick results as short as in 2-3 weeks, a minimum use of 30-60 days has been suggested to reach maximum results.

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About Vitality Colostrum: Vitality Colostrum is a strategically developed colostrum supplement, based on scientific research to build immunity and naturally raise youthful hormone levels.

Disclaimer: The content in this press release is for information purposes only and should not be considered a substitute for medical advice. As always, you should consult with a qualified healthcare professional before starting or stopping any medication, nutritional supplement.

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