29 December, 2017 – A veteran of the United States Army and the Army National Guard Rhonda Adams unravels to the general public deep hidden facts which oppose what was believed.

The Doctoral student is known to be an articulate personality narratively express concern and on how A former NAACP President in Toledo, Ohio Branch and a housing Judge Allen McConnell claim some kind of religious beliefs and willing-fully falsify some court documents in favor of some members of a church presided over by Rev. Culp.  

Rhonda’s expository utterances are to shed light on why and how the falsified documents were to enhance the theft of Judge Robert V. Franklin Jnr’s nephew and Zachary Jordan Adams aka Zach Jordan Lee, which eventually prompted Zachary Adams alongside few other members of Rev. Culp’s Church fled to Tulsa, Oklahoma.

Relating the story, it further depicts Senator Edna Brown, Attorney Pete McHugh, and Ohio State Senator Teresa Fedor were all aware of the situation and how McConnell also kept Zachary’s hideout and whereabouts secret aside helping church members escape.

It was evident that the Reverend, who was the former NAACP President in Toledo, Ohio Branch, knew Cleasby McConnell stole Judge Franklin’s nephew simply because Cleasby McConnell was a Deacon in the said church. The Judge enjoyed some profit in the whole theft saga.

Karyn McConnell-Hancock, daughter to Judge McConnell was also effectively instrumental on how the Judge stole Judge Franklin’s nephew, how she faked her kidnap, stole thousands from her clients and owes IRS in back taxes, and felon.

A lot of drama was staged like its scripts were perfectly rehearsed aforetime, this includes the setting up of a fake court hearing by Attorney Mike Yeksavich alongside Judge Daman Cantrell and Attorney Stephen Greubel,  to aid Judge McConnell in the theft of Judge Franklin’s nephew. At the fake court hearing, a social worker, two unknown bailiffs (one male, one female), some prominent members of Rev. Culp’s church, Rhonda Adams alongside Rhonda’s eldest son were all in attendance, though the boy was asked to excuse the courtroom.

The drama got twisted when Stephen Greubel, Rhonda’s hired attorney turned against her at the hearing knowing fully the hearing was not genuine. In the midst of this drama, Rhonda was hit with a bitter declaration that her parental rights have been lost over one penny. She was deceived and misled to believe this.

It was discovered records of the hearing are plain upon trial to obtain the record of the hearing, it never existed!

At this point, Adams Rhonda began a thorough investigation personally, got an attorney to help her out with his professional experience owing that the General counsel refuses to investigate the matter.

It was also revealed there are no such documents, however, Mike Yeksavich set up a genuine hearing and Rhonda  was not about it, so the Tulsa Courts had her as a “no-show.” The setup adoption hearing by Mike Yeksavich was later adopted and approved.

A report was then filed with the Tulsa police department in 2016 and a complaint was also filed with the general counsel, Oklahoma Bar Association.

This intriguing story has been compiled in a book authored by Rhonda Adams. The Book has been fast spreading and remains not just a ‘must buy’ but a ‘must read’; presently available for purchase on Amazon. Adams Rhoda ensures the completeness and uniqueness of this great book and titled it ‘ONE PENNY BABY’

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