Science has discovered that one master hormone which burns fat for both men and women.

John Barban has been able to design the most incredible weight loss program ever known in history after conducting plenty of researches in the field of health and fitness. Venus factor has become one of the most demanded weight management plans in short some span of time just because of its effectiveness and positive results. John Barban claims to make women lose weight and get into their desirable body shape within weeks with “The Venus Factor”. Although the program is nothing except few diet changes and lifestyle changes to make with simple exercise, it has shown tremendous results for the audience. There have not been any negative reviews about The Venus Factor since its launch as people have found it to be truly effective in every sense.

John Barban, being the man behind the Venus Factor, has revealed the weight loss factor for women and the scientifically proven research within the Venus Factor package for audience to full advantage from. The program is built up to target females only as John has specifically made research on the leptin hormone which is present twice in quantity as compared to males. Many fitness professionals and experts have agreed to the fact that leptin works double for women as in males and burns excess fat from the body if worked on. Venus factor weight management program has gained more popularity than any other product because of some valid facts about weight loss strategies. And john has a firm belief that it is possible for every female to lose the desired weight in less time only if proper work is done on the body. But it is better to start the work under some guidance as it should not cause any harm if done abruptly. John Barban guides his audience with his extremely useful product at the most reasonable price.


World class weight loss plans have been left behind with the latest research conducted by John Barban. There is no other product known in the market to give such quick results causing no side effects. Venus factor reviews have further revealed various experiences of people about the product after its usage. However, there are many other products available for weight loss which must have positive results as well; people have still chosen the Venus Factor as their trusted choice. The program does not last for years. Instead it has been planned as a 12 week follow up plan with 100% guaranteed results at the end. The Venus Factor seems to do some sort of magic for people using it although it does not include any artificial supplements for weight loss.

The diet changes and healthy lifestyle recommended in the Venus Factor program helps the users build a strong and sexy figure in 12 weeks. This special approach has blown up the minds of many fitness experts as they have always used to conduct heavy exercises to lose weight. John believes there are some adverse effects of heavy exercise on health and especially on women. And to avoid those exercises, he replaces them with simple and effective exercises that will last permanent results for them. The Venus Factor is a complete package for attaining the desired body shape and health and is a must try. 

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