Venus Factor Is One Of The Most Effective Fat Loss Systems Designed For Women

Venus Factor is a new weight loss or you can say a body transformation system created and tailored for women only. The entire purpose of the Venus Factor is to create a so called “hourglass figure”. But don’t be afraid, this new program isn’t some kind of science or anything, it’s actually pretty easy to grasp.

Most of the programs out there don’t exactly focus on the main problem when it comes to body shaping. First half of these programs is based solely on diets and perhaps a few abdomen exercises and the second half focuses only on exercising. What these programs should be doing instead, is to find the balance between the two and of course, trying to improve the original and natural body shape. This is where The Venus Factor is different. What this program does is, that instead of reshaping the whole body, it tries to improve the current body shape. It doesn’t want to change the body proportions at all.

Word of advice though, due to the recent success of the program, the Internet is full of fake Venus Factor reviews websites, which are selling the program for almost twice its cost. In order to not get scammed, it’s advised to  get the program only from the official website right here:

The Venus Factor has a specific index called a Venus index. It’s similar to body weight index, but it’s a bit different. Body of every woman is different and thus something may work for one woman and something for other. The most important Venus index ratios are height and waist. It may sound a bit hard to grasp, but it’s not that hard and program will guide the users through this process pretty easily.

Program consists of the main manual, which will help the readers to find out their Venus index and what to do in order to achieve the ideal body. Then there’s an eating guide, which will help women to lose the unnecessary weight. Most of the weight loss programs out there will just tell the users to eat less in order to lose weight. This however isn’t the issue with this program. It will find the ideal eating formula with the ideal calorie numbers for anyone. Don’t worry, it’s not a science. Then there is a workout manual, which is basically a guide through the 12 week workout program, which will help its readers to shape the body the way they want.

For More Information, Visit The Official Website Here – VenusFactor.Com

Program takes 12 weeks to complete. It contains 3 main phases and each one is 4 weeks long. Each phase has a different workout plan, but there’s no need to worry, they are really easy to understand. Mostly thanks to the great tutorial videos and pictures included. These workouts are mostly based on series of stretching and of course weight lifting exercises and they are really simple to follow. Their entire point is to shape the body according to the Venus index.

There’s no need to do these exercises every day, not at all. 3 times a week, 30 minutes a session is all it takes. Each workout however contains tons of different exercises, so the Venus Factor really works on a diversified approach to sculpt the body. These exercises may not be the easiest for some users, however considering, that they take only 30 minutes, 3 times a week, they are doable and they are not a time eater.

Probably the best thing about this program is, that it contains its own social network, where women who purchased the program can interact with other women, who also use Venus Factor. Users can ask questions here, motivate each other or interact in some other way.

One more thing, the Venus Factor comes with an unconditional 60 day money back guarantee, which means, that if the program won’t work for some reason, users can get their money back almost right away, so the program is basically risk free.

The Venus Factor is a one of a kind solution for every woman. It doesn’t eat much time, diets are really easy to follow and most of all, the program brings results. Average user can lose even more than 20 pounds in 12 weeks, which is really impressive. Not to mention, that program comes with a 60 day money back guarantee, so it’s basically risk free and most of all, it works and tens of thousands of women around the world can say the same.

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