Venture Capital Alliance Ecology Platform VCUnion Landed on NASDAQ

VCUnion, the venture capital alliance ecological platform that is known as the “wind-fighting typhoon shelter” in the industry, officially landed on the NASDAQ screen, the world’s largest screen, and displayed blocks in New York’s Times Square, known as the “crossroads of the world”. The technological charm of the combination of chain technology and venture capital has left a fresh impression on the audience.
New York’s Times Square is located in the heart of North Midtown Manhattan, New York. It is named after the New York Times Magazine, which has been in existence for more than a hundred years. Many well-known financial publishing and media companies have their headquarters here. The triangle between Broadway, Seventh Avenue and 46th Street, where the center of the square is located, is a “delta” where wealth and art are in vain. It is the most important commercial core in the world, with more than 10,000 visitors a day. Ground.

The semi-cylindrical Nasdaq large screen located in the “Delta” prominent part is the leader in many landscapes of Times Square in New York. The 7-storey logo-shaped screen keeps changing the black, blue and red hot and cold faces, and its unique style tells the unpredictable world financial center stock market! The commercial financial atmosphere of advertising and the high-tech art means are perfectly unified on this big screen, which makes Nasdaq big screen get the title of “one of the world’s four gold advertising lots”, which makes it the most familiar in China. The top of the overseas advertising media. Landing in Times Square in New York is a dream that many brands are striving for; and landing on the Nasdaq big screen is a glorious moment to highlight the brand’s strength.

VCUnion is jointly launched by Basrich and RRE and Chain Company to launch a virtual platform of venture capital alliance based on blockchain technology. VCUnion focuses on traditional venture capital with high investment threshold, difficult project matching, high transaction risk, and rigid fund structure. It provides reasonable and convenient solutions based on blockchain technology and ecosystem, and is a venture capitalist and project provider. To create a safe and reliable system, without the need for an authoritative intermediary guarantee, it can also enable organizations and individuals who have never met to communicate information and data with each other reliably and credibly, thus contributing to the globalization of financial markets.

VCUnion is a powerful product of strong alliance. Executive Gregory McCray has worked as an executive at Google, and the three companies that hatch it have a strong business background. Bunge is a venture capital firm based in San Francisco. It has participated in the research and development financing of AMD’s Bulldozer products, and also participated in venture capital projects such as SHI, BitPay and VigLink. Founded in 1994, RRE Investment is a long-term investment in the digital currency sector, with leading companies in the bitcoin industry such as itBit, 21 Inc and BitPay. The Chain Technology Company, which provides technical support, also provides long-term technical services to internationally renowned companies such as VISA, NASDAQ and Citigroup.

This time, VCUnion’s landing on the Nasdaq big screen is an important measure for the promotion of the VCUnion brand. While highlighting the strength of the VCUnion brand, it also blew the horn for VCUnion’s global business expansion. It is believed that VCUnion will continue to give play to the technological advantages of the blockchain in the future development of the venture capital industry, and provide a healthy growth typhoon shelter for the venture capital community.

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