Vehicle Attached Wallet To Be Released To the Public

Designed to Keep the Driver and Officer Safe and Protected During a Stop

Cincinnati – August 3, 2018 – A new product called the V.A.W is being introduced to help ensure that one is kept safe during a traffic stop. The V.A.W, or Vehicle Attached Wallet, will be released on September 1. The designs are made to ensure there are no problems associated with a traffic stop as the V.A.W provides a clear layout for ensuring a person is kept safe without any risks or other concerns involved in the process.

The V.A.W is considered to be a vital product for all people to have as it will ensure both the citizen and officer will not feel any fear during a traffic stop. The design ensures that everyone will be under control while the hands are in plain view during the entire stop.

The design works in that the wallet includes proper identification and information for a driver on the vehicle. The data allows the driver’s hands to remain in view while providing vital information to an officer during a traffic stop.

This is helpful for not only the citizen but also for the officer. The officer will not feel any suspicions or concerns surrounding a person inside the car during such a stop. This ensures that a person will not be at risk of any possible harm or danger during a stop.

The product is designed to be safe and easy to utilize. The product is going to be made available very soon; the website for the V.A.W will become live on August 1. People can visit to learn more about the product and what makes it useful.

A launch event will be held on September 1 at Park Place on Kemper Meadow Drive in Cincinnati. The event will highlight the product to the public and will help people to see what makes it outstanding.

The Vehicle Attached Wallet is expected to be a valuable product for people around the country who want to ensure they are kept safe during a traffic stop. The design is useful and convenient while also ensuring that a police officer will feel protected and aware of what is happening in any situation.

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