VCloud Mining, the Latest Bitcoin Mining Platform, Introduces Hardware Ownership, Lifetime Mining Packages and Referral Program

Millions of people worldwide have discovered a new way to augment their income and invest in the future. They are mining ‘digital gold’, or cryptocurrencies, and helping them succeed (think ‘moon’ and ‘lambo’) is the newly launched mining program, VCloud Mining. VCloud Mining is a bitcoin mining program based on hosted technology, and unlike competition, has introduced just the features that both new and experienced miners would love.

Digital currencies such as Bitcoin are ‘mined’, not physically, but by using computing power (called hash rate) to solve complex mathematical problems. Bitcoin cloud mining is a legal activity, and is the other alternative to buying and trading cryptocurrencies. Since it is practically worthless today to use desktops and graphics cards to mine Bitcoin, investors and crypto fans use hosted mining services such as VCloud Mining, where they can buy hash power, rent equipment and see their dollars convert into digital gold.

VCloud Mining has introduced some novel features to make bitcoin mining even more enticing and profitable. Instead of renting, investors actually own the mining hardware and chips, thus keeping full control. The mining platform is open 24/7, and offers a life-time contract, unlike one or two year contracts offered elsewhere. All hardware is maintained and kept in the US in optimal working conditions for maximum performance.

The profitability of mining depends on hash power, and VCloud Mining offers a global mining pool that works on more power so as to mine more Bitcoins at a faster rate. All Bitcoin rewards are distributed daily into the investor’s wallet,” said a spokesperson for VCloud Mining.

The lifetime, open ended contract offered by VCloud Mining gives investors ownership of ASIC chips at a specified hash rate. Rewards continue to be delivered as long as mining stays profitable, and investors have the option of getting the ASIC hardware shipped to them by paying a s/h fee.

VCloud Mining has also included MLM marketing into its platform, and the Bitcoin Affiliate program partners earn recurring commissions for bringing in new clients without having to invest.

As a brand new company, VCloud Mining is looking forward to a period of scaling up, co-locating its mining hardware at other places around the world. There is a free sign up, and plenty of choices for miners and investors when it comes to attractive deals and packages, ranging from a free affiliate account to the life-time Platinum package.

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