Vapulus: Pay with no money, and pay online with no password! Cashier recognizes you with no hardware needed, no NFC or beacons!

The global mobile payment startup today announced the launch of its own payments platform and app Vapulus, and it is absolutely game changing.

The Vapulus platform enables end users to pay for goods online, safely and easily with a simple username sent to the phones of the users and provides online merchants and developers a simple, effective way of monetizing their online offering or adding depth to their current payment options with free marketing tools. Vapulus offers secure mobile payments using two-factor authentication to reduce fraud and offers dynamic pricing.

In a rapidly maturing mobile payments market, Vapulus sees an increasing demand from merchants and users for more customizable and ultimately more price competitive mobile platform, changing the users’ experience in more than one way.

“We thought of many different ways to make it easier to the user! We wanted to merge all his banks in one place, virtual place! Because our lives now are contained in social media and smart phones. Not only that, but we also wanted to save the time wasted regularly in paying monthly bills, by saving the users information in the first transaction! So we found the easiest way in one application,” says the media spokesperson for Vapulus, “we developed the solution, in order to save the biller’s contact and allow them to send a monthly reminder to the user! All these procedures take no time at all because it’s online. Not only that, but also we have found a way for you to pay without having any money on you, in a card to cash, and if that is not enough, we can let you pay even if you had no internet! If that is not pushing the boundaries of payments, we don’t know what would!”

We thought in every way how to provide a useful and a helpful payments solution, for both customer and merchant.

Vapulus helps you send money to friends everywhere with just a press of a button. And for merchants who want to use the platform all you have to do is apply and start selling. Vapulus will bring customers to you and direct customers around you to your doorstep. You can send them promotions and offers, send them receipts.

Vapulus also has invented its own indoor navigation technology that allows your device to search for signals from in the physical world and react accordingly, allowing the mPOS to recognize the users with no hardware investment, and that changes the game for mobile payments globally. All you need to do is to have your smartphone, and you will be in touch with all the Vapulus providers.

You will get offers, coupons, information, receive your payments amount. And furthermore, you will be able to navigate wherever you want to shop.

About Vapulus

Vapulus is a leader in online payments using the mobile phone. Vapulus makes it easier for consumers to pay for virtual goods and services online using only a username. With strong security and high conversion rates being the most important factors, Vapulus’ goal is to make the customer’s payments experience more enjoyable and easy.

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