Vacation Dating Site TourBar Makes it Easy to Find a Travel Buddy or Companion

Safely Connect With Locals Across the Globe with Fun International Dating Site

Vacation dating site TourBar is here to ensure that nobody ever needs to travel alone again, thanks to their fast, fun and simple process for finding a local travel buddy all around the entire world. By connecting with fun locals in any new location, travelers can skip the touristy headaches, eliminate the guesswork, and instantly connect with a fun new travel partner.

At, members create a profile and either look for a local travel partner where they plan on visiting next, or express their interest in serving as a guide in their own hometown or region. Members can also be confident in their choices by selecting to meet with only verified users. TourBar provides a comprehensive verification process so that anyone can find a trustworthy travel buddy, and ensure that the person they are meeting with is actually who they have indicated. makes it simple to connect with a likeminded person who’s interested in the same pursuits, or hobbies. Select which type of activity or outing is desired, with choices ranging from shopping to sightseeing, beach days to concerts, local cuisine tasting to outdoor exercise, and more.

Other options including selecting whether the travel buddy should be a man or a woman, and what the dates and financial constraints may be. Post and browse pictures, and other personal details, and narrow down the selection to find a wonderful connection.

Whether it’s purely for a fun day of local travel and exploration with a travel buddy, or an exciting vacation date, it’s all possible. The entire experience adds a new level of fun and excitement to traveling, and the platform makes it quick and easy to get involved.

TourBar is a subscription-based membership service, offering several different tiers of affordable membership, including 1-month, 3 -month and 6-month packages.

Never be without a fun travel buddy ever again, in any location across the world. Visit to sign up today, create a profile, and begin searching for a wonderful travel partner or companion. 

About TourBar 

TourBar is a fantastic vacation dating site designed to help anybody find a travel buddy or companion, across the entire world! By connecting with real locals with shared interests and hobbies, travelers are never alone, and can skip over the overcrowded touristy destinations. Whether it’s a fun day with a new friend, or something a bit more serious, it’s all possible with TourBar. Members can choose new destinations to visit, establish themselves as a local guide in their home area, or both. Plus, with a three-step verification process, all members can be confident and comfortable in their experience. Sign up today by visiting

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