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V8P Juice offers some of the best tasting E-liquid in the Industry. Try all 17 Flavors today! Made with the Highest Quality ingredients; Non-GMO Vegetable Glycerin and Plant based Propylene Glycol for superior purity and taste. Join the vaping revolution that started in 2015 with (2) 5 Star Spin Fuel Choice Awards for Kaptain Klouds & Prince Charming and (2) E-liquid of the year nominations for Blonde Bombshell and Sweet Geisha!

After years of DJing for the masses in smokey clubs, Founder and CEO DJ Quicktrackz, launched a new venture in 2014 with the aim of alleviating what he saw as a public health crisis. He launched V8P Juice International, a South Florida based E-liquid company focused on spreading the awareness of new vaporization technology and helping people make the switch from cigarettes to vaping. His company to date has provided products to the market place that are partly responsible for hundreds if not thousands of happy vapers, who no longer need tobacco. 

Offering 17 Delicious Flavors in Various Strengths (0mg, 1.5mg, 3mg, 6mg, 12mg, 18mg) to satisfy every taste and craving, V8P Juice has helped shape the industry and has grown in to a global company distributing its products overseas in South and Central America. Flavors like Caribbean Don, Latin Lover and Prince Charming have found mass appeal in Latin America, while flavors like Last Samurai, Port Master, Mob Boss, Blonde Bombshell and Trainwreck continue to dominate US sales.

V8P Juice’s newest launch into salt based nicotine products, “V8P Saltz” offers 6 of their top performing flavors in 25 & 45mg High Nicotine formulations designed specifically for Low Wattage vaping devices similar to JUUL. These products provide a great discreet vaping option for those interested in vaping without the big clouds. 

Building on previous success, V8P Juice’s most recent partnership with Green Goddess Extracts LLC, A CBD Company, will soon add to their market share with Flavored Sublingual CBD Tinctures, Vapeable CBD and CBD Concentrates featuring the brands award winning flavors. As we await Marijuana Legalization nationwide, Hemp derived Cannabidiol (CBD) continues to make headlines daily, helping provide relief to a large majority of those who try it. From research into inflammation to chronic conditions, from alcoholism to substance abuse, insomnia to migraines, users are finding relief from natures wonder plant, and this years partnership aims to bring those benefits to the public with great tasting products.

Legal in all 50 states, Green Goddess Extracts’ Hemp Derived CBD Products show promise in 2018 as an alternative product for healthy lifestyles and the nutritional supplementation of Cannabidiol and various phytonutrients. Sublingual Tinctures have been this years top selling CBD Product do to it’s ease of use, great taste and quick absorption that leads to fast effects. 

If you want to know more about V8P Juice or the Green Goddess Partnership please visit their websites at www.V8PJuice.com & www.GreenGoddessExtracts.com.

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