US professor left his doctoral work behind at one of the best schools in the world to launch a cryptocurrency news organization

Professor Ronald Mears entered the prestigious Columbia University for a doctoral program. He passed all of his comprehensive exams and earned all of his credits, but an eye-opening moment during some research into blockchain and cryptocurrency inspired a passion for entrepreneurship that led him to leave it all behind and start a cryptocurrency news organization, in the hopes of educating the masses about the most intellectually stimulating advancement of the past twenty years.

Ronald Mears was a promising doctoral student in the Math Science and Technology Department at Columbia University’s Teachers College. He was teaching at fine American Universities like CUNY, Drexel and Temple, and everything was going well in his normal, academic career, but then something happened! An inner fire lit in him that encouraged him to leave school before earning his ‘Dr.’ title, and to quit his job as a Professor, to launch a series of cryptocurrency related services, and, most interestingly, a cryptocurrency news organization; that organization is named Mears Media Group and the first program on the network is called Moonshot with Professor Mears where the lovable, crazy professor reports objective crypto news from around the world. (

“They probably thought Elon Musk was crazy for leaving Stanford during his doctoral studies too, but the world is a better place with Elon as an entrepreneur!” Professor Mears rebuts jokingly in our interview with him, “Blockchain is the most intellectually stimulating thing I’ve come across in almost 15 years” he continues.

The details: Mears Media Group is a multi-channel network that broadcasts and narrowcasts a variety of broadcast quality content on diverse streaming carriers like YouTube, D-Live, and Facebook. It operates a broadcast facility, performance stage, talk show set, cooking show set, videography set, photography studio, recording studio, and podcast studio in Philadelphia. Under the aegis of Mears Media Group, Moonshot, as well as INVEST-iGATORS with Eytan Shander, the second show to roll out on the network, are two programs dedicated to providing the latest news, updates, and information from the cryptocurrency sphere.

As an avid believer in blockchain and its potential to revolutionize the world, Ronald has started this news network to provide beginners, intermediates and crypto experts important information from the day, as it relates to alternative economics, culture, politics and society. features useful articles about cryptocurrency investment tips, Bitcoin mining and cryptocurrency mining and the site allows users to access comprehensive lists of financial information like token graphs and token prices. 

The Mears Media Group YouTube channel offers exciting news and information from the cryptocurrency world with some engaging, fun, pop art approaches to media making. Moonshot videos, for example, feature an animated Donald Trump who waves his magic wand and returns crypto markets to the moon! All cryptocurrency enthusiasts, must subscribe the YouTube Channel to catch up on all the videos.  In this week’s special report Moonshot discusses the double life-sentence for Silk Road’s Ross Ulbricht’s with Ross’ mother! The interview reveals some eye-opening, deep state details concerning the dark web, as it relates to cryptocurrencies in general, and Ross’ case more specifically!


Professor Mears completed everything but the doctoral dissertation in his Columbia University program but left, to the chagrin of friends and family, in order to pursue his entrepreneurial dreams.  Currently, he is the President of Mears Media Group and educates audiences on alternative economics, culture, politics & society from his broadcast facility in Philadelphia. He asks that everyone interested in learning more about him and his crazy quest, please subscribe to the  Mears Media Group YouTube channel.

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