U.S. Players Moving Toward Online Sportsbook and Casinos Using Bitcoin

AmericanPokerDirectory.com and Every1bets.com discuss the latest news about Bitcoin-friendly sportsbook and casinos, as well as bonus promotions at these locations.
Certainly one would have to admit that Bitcoin’s value has gone up and down, sometimes with some violent swings. But it hasn’t gone down the drain. In fact, there is more and more interest on the part of sports bettors when it comes to betting with the virtual currency. Just go take a look at Google and the searches for “best Bitcoin Internet gambling websites for USA players.” At AmericanPokerDirectory.com and Every1bets.com we’ve done just that, related to many sports betting activities, including the NBA and NHL playoffs. 
We’ve seen a dramatic increase in the number of residents of states like new Jersey, Delaware and Nevada signing up and playing online slots for real money at Bitcoin casinos like BitBET. They are for real. 
There is some great news to be had, which is that there are sites like BitBET that operate as sportsbooks and casinos that deal exclusively in Bitcoin, which is ideal in that it promotes transactions that are completely confidential, lending itself to the needs of sports bettors and casino enthusiasts in the United States. 
And are you ready for some even better news? When you sign up for the U.S.-facing BitBET sportsbook & casino through an AmericanPokerDirectory.com or Every1bets.com link, enter bonus code AF1209, and make mention of the fact that we referred you, we’ll make sure you can take advantage of a 100% welcome bonus that is good up to $500, in addition to a free $25 Internet or mobile casino chip. 
There are a considerable number of experts from U.S.-facing sports betting sites who feel that the Bitcoin market is going to remain stabile. The currency has survived much over the last couple of years, including theft, hacking and government intrusion, but despite some forecasts that it would collapse, Bitcoin is still here and still strong. BetOWI, which features sportsbook, racebook and mobile slots as part of its overall product, has a deal for customers during the NBA and NHL playoffs. 
When you sign up for BetOWI, through an AmericanPokerDirectory.com or Every1bets.com link, use bonus code AF1209, and mention that we referred you, there is a 100% welcome bonus available to you that is good up to $500. BetOWI is not exclusively a Bitcoin operation; they accept credit and debit cards as well. And customers from the U.S. can partake in any number of activities in addition to sports betting, such as slot games, both online and on mobile devices, at BetOWI!
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