Update: SilverShield to Raise Awareness and Reduce Exposure to Electro Magnetic Fields (EMFs)

The SilverShield Project has yielded patented, revolutionary products that can significantly reduce exposure to radiation produced by smart phones and common wireless devices. The dangers of Electro Magnetic Fields (EMFs) may be the ultimate ‘sleeping giant’ health risk of the 21st century. With almost six billion cell phones in use globally, this is an issue impacting everyone indiscriminately.

Research has shown that exposing human cells to these harmful radio frequencies (EMFs) causes an immediate biological reaction in the cells. SilverShield isn’t asking you to ditch cell phones or wireless devices; just limit the dangers and help them push for change. “The Harmful EMF issue needs more visibility; we are poised to expose the issue,” stated Howard Kalnitsky, creator of the SilverShield Project on Indiegogo. The SilverShield Project’s aggressive Indiegogo campaign is a global call to action. Meanwhile, there are products that can help. Patented SilverShield products effectively reduce exposure to the negative impact of harmful Electro Magnetic Fields (EMFs) produced by smart phones and other wireless devices. Kalnitsky also indicated, “We are using the top industry-standard telecom testing protocols carried out in accredited testing facilities. SilverShield® technology has consistently maintained at least an 80% reduction rate of electromagnetic radiation.

In 2011, the World Health Organization announced that non-ionizing radiation is now considered a 2B carcinogen (potential to cause cancer). Unfortunately, wireless testing and standards vary drastically from country to country. Recent non-telecom industry funded testing has shown that exposure can result in both single and double strand DNA breaks. Double strand breaks are usually a precursor for cancer. All SilverShield® products feature a patented (worldwide) revolutionary SilverShield Technology and utilize the simple yet effective power of silver. The products utilize two types of metallic fibers which, when woven together, create a textile material which is excellent at absorbing the harmful electromagnetic frequencies that produce non-ionizing radiation. Stylish phone cases can fit any model and put the unique ‘silver shield’ fabric technology between the phone and the user’s head to absorb and dissipate EMFs. Another product is the SilverShield Maternity Wrap. Worn comfortably throughout pregnancy, it limits exposure to the developing fetus.

The SilverShield Project is hopeful that this campaign will drive change. Donations of any amount are accepted, and perks are available for donations of $50 or more. Can’t donate? Just share SilverShield’s campaign with your friends and co-workers. Join the movement and help make wireless safe! 

For more information on the SilverShield Project: SilverShield Indiegogo campaign

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