uooMAG, the personalized digital publishing platform launches ICO

UooMag, the newly launched digital publishing platform that provides personalized content for each reader based on their gender, age group, location and other factors has launched their first Initial Coin Offer (ICO). There are total 100,000,000 number of tokens out of which the company plans to give 20,000,000 tokens through the crowdfunding. The symbol for the token is ‘UMC’, and it will be priced at 1 USD each. The ICO will begin on 1st September 2017 and end on 30th September 2017.

Magazine publishing is an important part of many businesses and with the increasing advancement of technology; it is slowly being replaced by digital publishing as it has the potential to reach a wider customer base with lesser cost. However, most of the digital magazines are generalized and may not offer relevant content to certain users. This is why uooMAG is here to deal with this shortcoming by providing personalized content for each user so that it leaves more impact on the potential customers.

Any business that operates Business to Business or Business to Customer can improve long term customer relations with their clients using targeted customer magazines featuring personalized content. Moreover, the content can be assembled and delivered directly to their smartphone. By using the global freelance exchange, a marketplace of freelance contributors and publishers, uooMAG trades in articles, graphics and photographs for publication.

uooMAG has many applications in various fields such as anin-flight magazine. Often the paper magazines in flights are general and may not interest many passengers but an Airline using the uooMAG platform can provide a specific magazine for every customer based on their interest, destination, even their preferred language etc. They can read about the holiday destination they’re going to or any other topic of their interest by downloading the digital magazine on their smartphone. In fact, the user will be able to see advertisements sorted by their gender or age and shop through the magazine if they like.

More information visit uoomag.io or drop an email at mail@uoomag.com.

Link to whitepaper: http://uoomag.io/en/docs/uooMAG-whitepaper.pdf

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