Universe Babies announces their comfy pillow that provides support for the baby’s head during sleep and diaper changing

The product is made from organic items that keep babies happy and comfortable, to improve their mental and physical development

Lakeland, FL – Universe Babies would like to announce the launch of their new product, the “comfy adjustable pillow for safer infant sleeping and diaper changing.” The pillow is designed to help support the head of newborns and infants while sleeping and during diaper changing. It comes with two adjustable side pillows to keep the baby’s head in one place, thereby preventing them from rolling over to their bellies and sides or falling off the diaper changing table. The pillow is made of cotton and has an organic buckwheat hull filling, which is extremely supportive, breathable and hypoallergenic. Recommended for babies up to 24 months and is available in blue and pink.

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“Babies are wonderful creatures that require our love, care, and support. Often, we have heard of stories of babies falling off from the bed or the diaper changing table, which is an unfortunate thing for any mother to witness. This is exactly why we have developed this pillow. It comes with functionalities that improve your interaction with your baby and keep them safe. Our product is made from quality material that will make your baby feel comfortable, happy, and relaxed, all the time,” said Sean Elias, CEO of Universe Babies.

Universe Babies’ comfy adjustable pillow for safer infant sleeping and diaper changing is the perfect product to help your baby sleep comfortably and have a great time. It is made from all-natural items including cotton and buckwheat hull, which is free of any chemicals. It is useful for supporting the baby’s head when they are sleeping, in the car seat, or when co-sleeping with the parents. The pillow keeps the infant’s head straight, so they don’t turn on their sides or bellies. It can also be used during diaper changing, to prevent the baby from falling off the table.

“My baby boy always rolled onto his side which started to make his head look a little thin and flat. I’ve bought this pillow in hopes that it will help him. We weren’t sure if it was soft enough to be comfortable, but the filling forms to our boys head very well. He doesn’t spend a night without it now! Going on seven days. He’s been a back sleeper ever since we got it for him. We do think he’s almost outgrown it at eight months, but we’re going to keep using it for his diaper changing. It’s perfect! Thank you,” said Farida I, a customer.

This comfy pillow is one of the best gift items for a new mother for the coming seasons. Now is the time to make your babies sleeping time more enjoyable, comfortable and safe. Product backed by manufacturer’s 30-day money back guarantee with a one-year free replacement warranty.

About Universe Babies

Universe Babies is a company created on the ideals of providing happiness for both infants and the mother or caregiver. Their products offer comfort and convenience and are easy to wash and transport, to support the child’s development.

For more information, please contact (770) 313-5694, Babies@UniverseBabies.com, or visit www.UniverseBabies.com

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