Unique Grill Brush From KitchenReady Is Bristle Free And Is Making Its Debut

June 15, 2018 – KitchenReady proudly announces the availability of their newest kitchen product, a Bristle Free Grill Brush for safe cleaning of barbecue grills.  The kitchen and grill accessories company has offered the brush on a small scale for sometime in order to get customer feedback and reaction while also having time to make any last minutes adjustments.  The Bristle Free Brush from KitchenReady is a heavy-duty stainless steel barbecue cleaner with a stylish design and a reputation for cleaning without leaving harmful bristles behind. The Bristle Free BBQ Cleaning Brush has an exclusive 3-coil parallel design with a scraper that can clean a bbq better than any other brush in the market.

There have been several reports that a simple grilling tool, such as a traditional grill brush, have been the cause of many serious injuries. Metal bristles can easily become dislodged and get stuck on a grill grate. From there, these stray barbs find their way into food that has been cooked on the barbecue, becoming dangerous hazards.  Once they are in food, it’s a quick path into someone’s mouth. In fact, metal bristles have been found lodged in people’s throats, stomachs, and intestines. Some bristles even have to be surgically removed. Because of the layout of KitchenReady’s cleaning tool, only the rounded edges of the brush make contact with the grilling surface allowing it to clean without leaving stray metal tines behind.

The Bristle Free BBQ Cleaning Brush from KitchenReady is stiff, rigid and is carefully over-molded with a solid heavy duty plastic handle which improves its longevity.

“For me the fact that this is a Bristle free grill brush is a big deal. This is far better than my previous grill cleaners and it great to see how grill brushes have improved over the years. The coil design together with the scraper gives my BBQ a great clean and is very quick and easy to use. It makes the job of cleaning the grill a lot easier which I love!! Definitely recommended” Says a recent client.

For more information, visit https://amzn.to/2JRxgFh


KitchenReady is a family owned and operated small business located in West Michigan (USA) and has been selling on Amazon for over 4 years. The company is considered a top seller and is well regarded in the kitchen and grill accessories market, focusing on high quality products backed by superior customer service.

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