Unique and Innovative Tracker ‘TK319L 4G SIM LTE GPS Tracker LTE Cat M1’ Launched by Shenzhen Eelink Communication Technology Co. Ltd

The TK319L 4G SIM GPS Tracker is a new technology belonging to the LTE CAT-M1, Cat NB1 unit. The tracker is waterproof and has an air interface that allows it to connect IoT and machine-to-machine devices (M2M).

Guangdong, China – After years of providing users with the best GPS tracking devices in the market, Shenzhen Eelink is back with a game changing tracker; ‘The TK319L 4G Sim GPS Tracker’. ‘The TK319L 4G Sim GPS Tracker’ is a LTE Cat M1 or Cat NB1 and comes with a port extension. It very affordable, and can be used for truck and cargo tracking.

For commercial workers looking for the GPS tracking devices benefits like transparency in transportation and fuel cost, less calls to the driver for update on expected arrival time and benefits like security, safety and the efficiency one can get with geo-fencing, geo-coding, extension with IoT, etc, ‘The TK319L 4G Sim GPS Tracker’ is for them.

‘The TK 319H+4G Sim GPS Tracker LTE Cat M1 or Cat NB1’ can be used for automotive and transportation tracking. This particular device is suitable for vehicle tracking, asset tracking, telemetric, fleet management and usage based insurance because it supports a full hand-over between network cells from moving vehicles.

The tracker’s key features:

• Supports temperature and humidity detection

• SOS alarm 

• Extra power supply 18650 Li-ion battery x 2=4800mAh

• Support of voice functionality via VoLTE

• Full mobility and in-vehicle hand‑over

• Low power consumption

• Extended in-building range

For more information about this tracker, go online to: https://www.eelinktech.com/tk319l-4g-sim-gps-tracker-lte-cat-m1-cat-nb1/

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Shenzhen Eelink Communication Technology Co. Ltd. was founded in the year 2004. The company is renowned for their expertise in manufacturing and selling GPS Tracking Devices and communication terminal products. They are also leaders in hardware and software solutions, as well as vehicle tracking and communication solutions. Over the years, they have been able to manufacture some of the best GPS tracking software, WCDMA/Beidou positioning, GPS tracker ODM, GPS tracker OEM, vehicle and pet positioning that the local and international GPS market has ever seen.

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