Unibe Hospital Gives Better Health Through Affordable Preventative Medicine

A new wing was added to Clinica Unibe in 2013. The modern hospital is located in San Jose, Costa Rica, convenient to the Juan SantaMaria International Airport.
For USA residents, Unibe Hospital in Costa Rica provides the opportunity for better health through affordable preventative medicine, as well as complex surgeries and other procedures. These benefits to health are also only a 2.5 hour flight from Florida, and an airline ticket as low as $200 round trip. Access to Costa Rican medicine is also made easier though NC Medical Travel, a business based in the USA. This press release was written by Richard Jordan, PR Coordinator at DentaRica, LLC.

Clemmons, NC — Clinica Unibe, one of the best hospitals in Costa Rica, just a 2.5-hour flight south of Florida, can make the quality of life better for thousands of USA residents, and has been doing so for the last decade. Although they are certainly qualified to perform full treatments and surgeries just like any USA hospital (and have the credentials to back it up), it seems worthwhile to explain just how preventative care with Unibe Hospital can make YOUR life better, or the lives of those you love.

Many Americans have experienced painful medical situations that could have been fairly easily (and cheaply!) treated if properly attended to earlier. Many people will see concerning health warning signs, but delay attending to those concerns until the situation becomes an emergency. Even if a healthcare “nuisance” turns out to be just that — a nuisance — in many other cases early detection of a problem is literally a matter of life and death. This hardly needs explaining.

What does need explaining is how Unibe Hospital (in Costa Rica), working hand-in-hand with NC Medical Travel (in North Carolina, USA), can help.

Preventative care, such as MRIs and colonoscopies and other routine diagnostic testing, are often costly in the USA. For people facing that situation, a few days’ travel to Costa Rica including a visit to Unibe Hospital can make an enormous difference. Such a visit can make possible what did not seem possible. A $2000 diagnostic might be as little as $400, while the flight itself (charged by the airlines) can be as little as $200 from Florida. This is not a joke. An actual easy price comparison, is a colonoscopy and doctor consultation at Clinica Unibe is $320. In North Carolina, the average price is over $3000. Clinica Unibe has packaged recommended diagnostic tests and screenings (based on age and gender)  that would cost more than $6000 in the USA, on average, into a low package price of just $999. 

With shockingly low prices like that, many people are naturally concerned about the quality of care at Unibe Hospital. On the contrary, the quality of care is very high and very modern. The standards are very high. They use cutting-edge technology. The experience and education of doctors and staff is excellent and comparable to a hospital in the USA. The prices are low because of the national healthcare program in Costa Rica. Please read an interview conducted with Dr. Luis Wachong of Clinica Unibe:  http://www.clinicaunibe.net/Blank-2.html

About Unibe Hosptial:

Clinica Unibe is a hospital located in sunny Costa Rica, in the capital city, San Jose. Their facility has all the required Costa Rican Ministry of Health permits, plus they have had the AAAASF accreditation since 2010.  Unibe Hospital was the first such facility in Costa Rica to receive the honor of AAAASF accreditation. Their website is www.clinicaunibe.net/

About DentaRica:

DentaRica (also known as NC Medical Travel) is a USA-based company with an open-to-the-public office in Clemmons, NC. They make medical travel convenient and much safer through various means, including finding trustworthy Costa Rican partners, performing background checks on these partners, setting up appointments, answering questions from USA residents, and when needed guiding their guests personally. Their professional medical travel staff set appointments for your medical tests, screenings, surgery, or other medical or dental needs at Clinica Unibe. Their website is www.ncmedicaltravel.com/

About the AAAASF:

The AAAASF, based in the United States, is an internationally-known quality assurance organization, the American Ambulatory Accreditation Association for Surgical Facilities. Today more than 2000 ambulatory surgery facilities are accredited by AAAASF, the largest not-for-profit accrediting organization in the United States. Their website is http://www.aaaasf.org/

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