UnA, the blockchain based ecosystem that aims to make digital currency accessible to all

Despite the fact that cryptocurrency has revolutionized the world economy, a significant part of the world is unaware of it and not able to understand or access it properly. This is why the African company UnA is launching the first stage of their comprehensive project called “UnA Africa” which aims to provide the simplest platform with the first automated dynamic supply adjustment(ADSA) implementation, which means that the total coin supply of UNA is linked to the African GDP in quantity and not in value, to automatically adjust the supply accordingly. The purpose of this platform is to simplify it for people when accessing, using, trading, learning about and even earning crypto assets. UnA has also announced the launch of their Initial Coin Offering recently, which is going to last till 31st December 2018.

UnA addresses a number of problems existing in the digital currency world, first and foremost being the lack of education and awareness within the crypto space. It will provide online educative resources and simplify the crypto terms for everyone to understand cryptocurrency better. Another issue that it resolves is of overly complicated crypto platforms by introducing an ecosystem which is simple to use, accompanied by its own wallet which is one of the most simplistic yet highly secure wallets. The automated wallet mining feature will allow anyone to earn UNA with little effort. The more they use their wallets, the more UNA they will be able to earn.

As the next step of their development, UnA will develop an Ethereum based platform called UnA World to shrink the gap between the rich and the poor. It will be a platform where people can come together, work and create technologies for all aspects of human life. The use of technologies like IOT (Internet Of Things) and AI (Artificial Intelligence) will enable the people to work less and achieve more.

UnA is building a first Hybrid-Chain (HC) ecosystem that will introduce both a digital currency (UNA), as well as a utility token (UNAT), where apart from using the native currency and wallet, the users will be able to communicate, learn and exchange. UNA coin will serve as the primary payment method for multiple solutions offered by the platform such as exchange listing, project features/ marketing.

UnA believes that great success can only be achieved by working together.  Their main goal is to unite people and technologies by building an environment where people can work together and benefit from each other.

The above-mentioned plans may be what they have in store for the near future, but this is only the tip of the iceberg as UnA’s plans for generations to come are beyond our current imagination.

More information can be found at unaproject.com and kickico.com.

In case of any queries, drop a message to info@unaproject.org.

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