Tyrone F. Reeves – A Social Enigma Worth Remembering

Tyrone F Reeves is an entrepreneur and a philanthropist who has given back to the community more than he had ever received in return. He has planned and executed a wide range of charitable events to help people in need. One of these is the STEM event that he has organized as a Tutoring Program Coordinator for Partners in Education (PIE). The event gathered 17 military personnel who devoted over 210 hours of volunteer time to teach 1400 students. 

Tyrone participated in the Wounded Warrior Project that President Obama hosted on the White House Lawn in 2014. The Wounded Warrior Project is a charitable organization that provides services, events, and programs for active duty service members and veterans. He received a Certificate of Appreciation from Walt Whitman Middle School in the same year. In 2015, he received an Outstanding Volunteer Service Medal from the U.S. Army.

Tyrone is planning to establish a social media advertising company that unifies the Voice of the Tennessee Valley. He also plans to release a book in early 2019. Tyrone’s humanitarian acts have earned him a large following on social media sites. He has 80,000 followers on Instagram and easily gets thousands of likes on every post. His posts vary, from simple quotes to jumpstart the day to social issues within the community. Tyrone’s inspiration comes from his mother who has degrees from different schools, including Drake, UAH, Calhoun, and UAB. His mother started her career with a CNA from Drake and finished with a Ph.D. in nursing. Watching his mother working hard to accomplish many things has made him focus more on establishing a legacy than enjoying temporary gains.

As an entrepreneur, Tyrone has invested in different ventures. He opened his own clothing store in 2014. Aroma is located on County Line Road and offers a wide range of men’s and women’s clothing and accessories. He purchased his first property in 2008 after his second deployment to Iraq and acquired 3909 Birch Avenue in 2009. He renovated his second property and eventually sold it off after two years.

Tyrone retired from the military in October 2017. He enrolled in a Special Operations Command Qualification Course and graduated in November 2005. Tyrone also embarked on three combat tours to Iraq. He was welcomed into the Order of St. Martin, the most distinguished of the three levels of the Quartermaster Patron Saint Program, due to his high moral character.

His thirst for growth and excellence in the academia has pushed him to pursue other fields. He enrolled in a logistics course and became a certified Demonstrated Logistician in 2013. He received an Associate Degree from Columbia College of Missouri in 2014 and a Bachelor’s Degree from the same school in 2018. Tyrone is currently enrolled at Alabama A&M University’s Graduate School of Communications where he plans to run for office in the student government. 

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