Tyche Tech presents a collection of unique products at discounted prices

Tyche Tech is a newly launched website that offers a collection of unique and exciting products, available at a discounted price for a limited period of time. Initially, it has launched only a few products on the website but they’ll be soon adding more products to the list. The online store is established with an aim to provide all kinds of cool products, gadgets and utility items to the customers at the most competitive prices.

At present, the customers can find the popular bamboo polarized sunglasses on the website, that also comes with a free case. This product is available in different frame colors including Orange, Green, Brown, and Blue. Another product is the rechargeable lighter that can be charged up using a USB anytime and anywhere. This lighter works by creating an electric arc with one press of a button. Since the lighter uses no flame, it is economically and environmentally friendly as well as windproof. Using this lighter, the users can forget about buying lighter fluid refills and contributing to plastic waste by throwing away their regular plastic lighters. Additionally, the lighter has a safety feature that prevents it from lighting up when the lid is closed.

Another product is the innovative light bulb that has a warming effect with a real looking flame inside. This light allows the user to enjoy the aesthetics of a real fire without a fireplace. For those with some extremely unique and edgy clothing choices can check out the raw meat printed hoodie on the website. Made of high-quality materials, this sweatshirt surely has some major ‘Gaga’ vibes. It is unisex in nature and sure to make heads turn and grab attention wherever you go.

Tyche Tech also features the popular star projector lamp that gives the feeling of a starry night inside the house itself. This lamp can project spangled stars all over the room for a dreamy, starry sky effect. The product is best suited for fans of astronomy, romantics, kids and anyone who loves gazing at a sky filled with millions of stars.

Tyche Tech is the home to the most interesting and amazing products, carefully curated from around the world. Some of the other products featured on the website include the convertible laptop bag cum briefcase, thin metal heart-shaped frame sunglasses, punk-inspired men’s Vikings ring, waterproof Bluetooth speaker and the colorful & washable travel luggage cover among others. All the products can be seen at tychetech.net.

In case of any queries, drop a message to info@tychetech.net.

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