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The first one is the golden autumn that painted by famous Russia oil painter Levitan at 1895. Now, the original painting of this painting is kept by Russian Tretyakov Museum. By the viewing of the canvas prints of this famous oil painting, people could see that the Levitan use steady strokes and chic color to generally depicts the Russian natural golden autumn scene. The blue sky, the breathing land, gray clouds floating in the sky, the sun shining on blue creeks and other beautiful scenes constructed this famous oil painting.

Isaac Levitan was born in Lithuania Chiba Vallarta at Aug 18, 1860 and died in Moscow at July 22, 1900. Levitan is very distinguished Russian painter and he was professed at realism landscape painting. People could easily find this point from the cheap prints on canvas Most of Levitan works are fully of the poetic feeling and fully express the profound and true representation of the characteristics of Russia’s many beautiful natures. His paintings are unique at comprehensive and broadly motion and the very deeply strokes. These factors let his paintings be full of contemplation and melancholy features.

The second one is Night Watch which was painted by Rembrandt van Rijn at 1642. The genuine one for this oil paint has been keeping by National Gallery in Amsterdam. Night Watch is creative group portraits which were painted by Rembrandt by the commission from the Association of Amsterdam shooters. Traditionally, these people who all ordered this oil painting should have equal importance on the screen of painting because they had paid same deposit. However, Rembrandt was not a conformist and he wanted to give the painting more dramatic and shocking feeling.

He chose the moment of the emergency gathering that led by the shooter leader Banning Kirk and depicted the scene of tension and hasty. Captain and lieutenant are standing at the center of the screen with very calm mood. They seem to be illuminated by lighting and become very eye-catching. Other shooters are immersed in light and shadow and this situation let other shooter become very unhappy.

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