Two hot selling oil painting prints that originated from Cezanne and Picasso

Nov 25, 2014 – China – Maybe you are seeking the high quality canvas printing dropship of the world famous oil painting for very long period of time. Now, the famous online seller will tell you two of their hot selling oil painting printed products.

The first one is the famous “Apple” that was painted by Cezanne at France in 1889. Now, this famous oil painting has been kept by private collector. In May 7, 2013, Cezanne’s Apple had been successfully shot by the value of 41,605,000 dollars in the Impressionist and modern art auction meeting. Frankly Speaking, started value of this oil painting masterpiece was at 25 million to 35 million dollars. This painting has always been regarded as one of the most perfect Cezanne still life paintings, which creative reached to the goal of exploring the space performance contradiction of the shape into the oil paintings.

Paul Cezanne which was from 1839 to 1906 is the famous post-Impressionism representatives. He cost lifelong time to achieve the pursuit of manifestation and opened newly creation for color and shape using so he also known as the father of modern painting. Cezanne opposes the concept of isolation for sketches and color in traditional painting method. Therefore, he advocated to performing the objects perspective by color. His oil paintings are all in colors with beautiful and harmony.

The second hot selling canvas prints drop shipping is the “Two Children” which painted by the renewable Picasso in 1950. Now, this oil painting has been owned by China Wanda Group which purchased this oil painting from Christie’s New York at 28,165,000 dollars. This painting named two kids was created in 1950 by Picasso and it is a typical representative of the mature period of Picasso’s life. Characters in this oil painting are Picasso’s 3-year-old son Claude and 1-year-old daughter Paloma. It has also been learned that this painting had always hung on the prominent position of Picasso studio after the completion of this work until the death of Picasso. Undoubtedly, this painting should be the most favorite work of Picasso.

Picasso who was from 1881 to 1973 is the most creative and far-reaching artist in western and he is also regarded as the greatest artistic genius who has varied styles of oil painting works during 20th century. The artistic pursuit has almost throughout his life. Most of these descendants have the thought that Picasso kept forever young during his life time. Frankly speaking, if readers have ever carefully appreciated the works of Picasso, they could find that this sentence already shares the real truth.

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