Two hot selling cheap canvas prints from famous China giclee prints supplier XIAMEN CJ PRINTS

April 09, 2014-China- Last month, the sales volume of canvas prints dropship from China famous oil painting printing company XIAMEN CJ PRINTS CO., LTD is very terrific, which enhance about 30 percent when it is compared with the same period of last year. Today, in order to let each reader know more about the cheap canvas prints from this Chin Supplier, their specialized editor will introduce with people some of their hot selling giclee canvas printing products.

The first hot sold oil painting prints is the famous Mona Lisa which had been painted by famous artist master Leonardo Da Vinci. From the generally acknowledge, this oil painting had succeeded in shaping the urban middle class women in the rising period of capitalism during the mid century of Europe. From the description of artist of XIAMEN CJ PRINTS CO., LTD, the Mona Lisa was originally a furrier’s wife in Florence and her age in the painting is only 24 year-old. The most attractive figurer and brushwork of this masterpiece should be the fantastic smile of this young woman.

With superb drawing skills Leonardo Da Vinci has shown the woman’s smile cross her face, especially the pouty mouth and the relaxed laughing muscles which already make Mona Lisa smile become very meaningful and elegant. Many art historians called it the mysterious smile. The printed version of it from XIAMEN CJ has been widely welcomed by their consumers.

After the introduction about the Mona Lisa, the editor will continue to introduce with the second giclee cheap canvas which name is “Impression, Sunrise”. This world famous painting was painted by Claude Monet who was the pioneer of the art school and movement Impression. The brushwork of this painting describes the unclear harbor and sunrise in the morning mist ( Claude Monet’s using of variety of colors gives the surface of this painting with the infinitely brightness.

This painting express the actually feeling of the painter’s visual impression which brought by light and color of the sunrise of French port city. As the painting of this art work, the traditional painting skills and style had been shaken. Some critic borrowed the title of this painting to taunt Monet and other young artists with the name “Impressionism”. That should be the origin of this name. This is very funny.

After the introduction of the two hot selling giclee wholesale canvas printing, there are also many other sorts of canvas prints from XIAMEN CJ PRINTS CO., LTD. If people have interesting about their products, please visit website below.


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