— The Facebook Alternative for Singles is an emerging Facebook alternative specially dedicated to people who are single and looking to find love. With the times the ways of connecting with one another and interacting with friends and new people has also evolved. Nowadays a considerable amount of people’s time is spent online; on social networking websites therefore it is no surprise that the quest for love has also begun online on such websites. More and more people are choosing to go online, to meet new and interesting individuals in the hopes of finding love and companionship and many have been successful in finding their soul mates online. has been launched as a social network website for like-minded people who would join with the purpose of meeting new people and getting to know them online. The website is free to join and the quick and simple registration process takes no time to complete. After being registered each Twixxi user will be allotted a customizable profile which users can use to share videos, music, pictures, and other news with their friends and followers. Because the website is worldwide and not limited to a specific area or group of people, users have the possibility of meeting new people from around the world. They can also browse through the profiles of other users to search for the likeminded individuals who share similar ideas and have similar interests. The services offered by are 100% free, hundreds of people have already joined this free single community and online dating network.

People who are beginning to give up on their search of finding love through traditional channels of meeting new people and succumbing to a life of loneliness seem like their destiny should not lose hope and try their luck at finding love online. aims to become the largest singles community worldwide, which will help people come together on one platform. Other popular social networking websites do not offer the same focused object for people to come together. The team believes:

“The big problem is that many people often lack the courage to reach out to other people or to talk to her. In addition, there are often no situations to bring about a conversation or even just a little flirtation, or simply need the right counterpart, which came as a potential partner in question. Precisely for these reasons, various sites and portals have focused on people who are looking for a partnership to provide the opportunity to interact with each other online contacts.”


The website is a free Facebook alternative for singles, Twixxi will allow users to find friend, share interests and maybe find their big love.

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