Turbinator TG3: Keeping Operators Ahead of the Game

Tech In System’s Turbinator TG3 enhances on-the-job training and troubleshooting capabilities.

Orlando Fl – Recently George Gramatikas and his project, the Turbinator TG3 were featured on Professorjosh.com. Josh is a college professor who blogs about all things tech. Wearable technology is not a new concept; the idea has been around for decades. With the recent development of Google glass, wearable tech enthusiasts are overjoyed. George Gramatikas, is the founder of the Turbinator TG3 project. The TG3 incorporates Google Glass a new device that is distinguished by its integration of an optical head-mounted display, augmented reality, camera, web access and voice-based interaction.

Wearable tech such as the TG3 allows new employees to be trained more consistently and efficiently than ever before. This system allows new workers to learn about machinery through Google Glass and employees can even be quizzed through smart phones while completing daily tasks to facilitate quick learning. Gramatikas shares that possibly the most important feature of wearable systems is its troubleshooting support capabilities. Through Google Glass integration the TG3 allows users to connect hands free with equipment information and even connect with industry experts. A worker can approach malfunctioning equipment, confirm the image using Google Glass, then diagrams and flowcharts with operation and repair instructions will appear. Almost instantly an employer can be provided with help that could save valuable equipment and potentially even their lives. Employees using the TG3 may be the only deterrent to catastrophic failure. Having support from a distant expert or computer right in front of their eyes can mean the difference between life and death.

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