TSM Global partners with The Omega Project to manage and develop the Veritism brand

World leading ICO and TGE Agency, TSM Global, enters into strategic partnership with The Omega Project for the management and development of the Veritism brand

TSM Global is one of the leading initial coin offering (ICO) and TGE agencies, reputed for using its expertise and knowledge of the blockchain technology to help companies across different industries to raise over $290 million and described by some as the “world’s best ICO and TGE Agency.” The company recently signed a partnership with another leader in the industry, The Omega Project, as part of the deal to help in managing and developing the Veritism brand that aims to promote the pursuit of the truth, whatever that may be.

The blockchain technology has been described as one of the greatest innovations in recent times, helping to decentralize the financial system. However, the technology has gone beyond digital currency, as it has become one of the ways for businesses in different industries to become more efficient and secure in their operations. The blockchain technology has also helped companies to raise funds for their operations as well as research and development, with initial coin offerings for tokens allowing companies to overcome the barrier posed by distance or geography to raise funds from millions of people across the globe. One of the companies that are using their expertise and knowledge to create “the tokenized future of equal opportunities” is TSM.

TSM – https://www.tsm.global/ has proven its prowess in developing and growing companies across the globe using crowdfunding to support laudable projects. TSM and predecessors have more than 8 years of marketing experience, working with more than 70 clients across the globe and raising over $290 million. Some of the projects the company is working on in recent times include Staramba and AllSporter coin, with services including Pre-ICO support, Campaign Support, and Post campaign support.

Veritism – https://www.veritism.org/, on the other hand, was founded with the aim of gathering people who are truly capable and willing to explore issues deeper and get closer to the truth. The organization aims to offer better explanations to reality in the midst of anti-science forces gaining momentum within and outside academia, consequently fostering cultural changes that will make the society more receptive to the ultimate value of science, that is, the pursuit of the truth, whatever that may be.

“We see an opportunity that science and religion would converge on many topics! Already, many religious notions have been proven, like the “Biblical mixing” of the Proto-Indo-European (Aryan of all races) languages 6,000 years ago! Also, the Jews, who as 0.07% of the population make 25% of the best universities are evidence enough they are indeed, the Light among nations?” says Alek V. Ribak, CEO at Veritism.

The partnership will officially commence on the 25th of September with the publishing of the first research outcomes to the closed group of Veritism members. This will signal the promotion of science-based outlook that will enhance the search for the truth.

More information about the partnership and how to become a part of the “scientific revolution” can be found on the www.veritism.org/member

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