Trump Begins Reducing Legal Immigration To The United States

Considering the new cap set by Trump for legal immigrants it may be a setback for the economy. Thus to keep the immigration still a possibility the legal law attorneys are looking into immigration cases to keep up the chance of entering the border.

President Donald Trump plans to permit no more than 45,000 refugees from around the world in the fiscal year 2018, a significant fall from the cap of 110,000 set in 2017 by predecessor Barack Obama.

There stays a national debate on legal immigration centering the separation of immigrant families at the border. Trump administration has made the reduction of legal immigration to the U.S. one of its major priorities.

Analysis from the State Department by the Washington Post has revealed a 12% drop is expectancy in the number of immigrants who received the US visas in the first two years of Donald Trump’s Presidency. Muslim Majority Nations were on his ban list, which was upheld by the Supreme Court Last week.

Legal Immigration due to this hold now seems to be reduced by as much as a third by the end of this second fiscal year under the Trump administration. The 2018 fiscal year begins on October 1st and ends September 30th, 2018. Trump administration declares that the immigration policies they pursue are designed to actuate the American jobs and protect national security.

According to Zandi, the Chief economist at Moody’s Analytics, Trump’s worst policy was his plan to deport 11 million immigrants currently in the country illegally. Now scaling back on legal immigration is a serious part of the policy discussion. To find your legal immigration possibilities look up at

“Restricting immigration will only condemn us to chronically low rates of economic growth,” said Bernard Baumohl, the chief global economist at the Economic Outlook Group. “It also increases the risk of the recession.”Thomas Simons, a senior economist at the Jefferies investment firm, called the idea “absolutely harmful to an economy with a population undergoing the demographic transformation.”

One White House correspondent reports that the US has seen record immigration levels in recent years with no deliberation for the effect such an influx has on American employees or their wages. Some critics argue that the travel ban victimizes against certain nationalities.

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