True Identity of Christ to Be Revealed by New eBook “The Evening Of The Magicians”

True Identity of Jesus Christ to Be Revealed by New eBook “The Evening of the Magicians: The Real Identity of Jesus Christ”. In his new eBook, James Lesadeau explains and reveals the actual identity of Jesus, who he was, and why his identity was concealed.

Houston, Texas – 29tApril, 2016 – The existence of Jesus Christ has long sparked debates and controversies despite the established story of the Bethlehem Star – but not anymore. New eBook “The Evening Of The Magicians” by James Lesadeau is all set to reveal the actual identity of the honorary figure worshipped as God’s Son. Mr. Lesadeau’s revolutionary work shares a new theory that throws light on the cunning use of magic to deceive millions for an illusion called religion.

“I am excited to announce the launch of my new eBook which, I am hopeful, will open your eyes about how we see the Holy Roman Catholic Church and Jesus Christ. After reading, you will realize that history does not always offer accurate or precise records of the events as they actually transpired- in fact, at times, it’s fabricated based on the needs and interests of the state so as to present an illusory image to all of us. The same happened with the story of Jesus Christ,” stated Lesadeau. “The real story is far more interesting than the one we know today, much more realistic,” the author added further.

“The New Testament is nothing more than a Roman sequel to the Old Testament, a “Godfather II,” if you will, and it uses and reflects all the same themes and stories that the first one does, in a similar dramatic narrative.”

The  book aims to reveal the real truth behind the Star of Bethlehem and what it actually did to ancient world. It also talks about the Son of God’s real parents, and their relationship to the events of the time. The readers will further know the true reason behind Jesus’s disappearance for seventeen years – and the most shocking – His “real name” before he came to be known as “Jesus Christ”.

One of the most common questions among all Christians is whether Jesus actually existed or not? Yes Jesus Christ did exist as a real flesh & blood human being. He has also confirmed that Jesus was truly “God’s Son” – yet not in the way you may think.

The famous story of water getting turned to wine has inspired millions over centuries as one of the most Godly of miracles performed by Jesus Christ, but according to Lesadeau, the so-called miracle was nothing more than a common parlor trick, just like pulling a rabbit out of a hat.

“The state uses magic to conjure & deceive the public just like any clever magician does and my ebook will show how magic was done and passed off to the public as miracles. In regards to Jesus, his actual identity was the issue, while his death provided the solution, but only under another assumed name & identity. My work will help you to discover the birth pangs behind the genesis of the Roman Empire, how it led to the origin the Catholic Church, why Roman Emperors had this peculiar and heretofore inexplicable fetish to be God,” stated the author at the launch.

“The goal of this series is to educate people in a quick and decisive manner. One will not be required to read dozens of books on the subject. I have done that for you. This is distilled,concentrated, information,” stated Mr. Lesadeau. “You see what makes conspiracies go is the juice of controversy. It is the lubrication that keeps the machinery of conspiracy running.”

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About the Author

Although new to the publishing business, Mr. James Lesadeau has spent years researching the numerous conspiracies that haunt the world today. From JFK to 9/11 to Titanic, he plans further editions to “The Evening of the Magicians” series that will provoke new and thoughtful discussion on the subjects.

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