Truck mobile 9D cinemas from Guangzhou Xindy become hot investing point for many investors

April 18, 2014-China-For each 9D movie investor, the 5D cinema equipment from which is the official website of China famous XD cinema theater supplier Guangzhou Xindy Animation Technology Co., Ltd. The truck mobile 9D cinemas is one kind of high tech theater system which already integrated the 9D advanced technology and the advanced mobile design concept. This kind of Car theaters can move on their own to consumers who have the needs of experiencing the 9D movie. All necessary 9D theaters equipment are all installed in the box of the car and the investing for this equipment is not expensive. When client receive this equipment, it could be quickly used for business purpose after simple debugging and installation.

As most of consumers know, the arrival of 3D visual concept led to a lot of 3D film industry and many other new and better focused points. After the popularity of 3D movie, the 4D cinema, 5d movie and the 9D films also appeared in people’s daily life. Nowadays, each major shopping mall, game room and walking street should have the related 4D, 5D and 9D cinema equipment and theater. However, all of these equipments have very poor performance of mobility. Therefore, the coming and appearing of the 4D cinema system has been created and developed. The truck cinema should be very convenient. The boss can choose different time and place to boost their business.

The truck mobile 9D cinemas are mainly consisted of traditional 9D film equipment and towing truck. The size and scale of the 9D cinema equipment and theater can be easily set according to the weight and loading of truck. The main part of these equipments include the displaying system, special sound system, special action seat, vibration system and other devices which could simulate the related environments and effect in the film such as rain, wet feeling, cooling feeling and others.

Today, with the more and more popular of the 4D, 5D, 9D and even the XD cinema, the appearing of the truck mobile 9D cinema which rely on the freedom of car towing should be very wisdom action. This product from Guangzhou Xindy Animation Technology Co., Ltd owns the advantage of small investment and quick feedback ( The theater cabinet and trucks is a whole unit and this could let the moving of this equipment become very convenient. For the help of these features, people can do business at anywhere and anytime.

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