Troubled DDoS attack could only be effectively solved by the professional DDoS Service supplier

April 11, 2014-China-As the survey from ClearDDoS Technology Co., Limited which is the famous Anti DDoS service supplier, people could find that there are about 42.14% of DDoS attacks that are launched against to online platforms such as e-commerce site, online gaming platforms, DNS service data center and others which are main goal of DDoS attacks. Furthermore, there are 29% of this sort of hack attacks that could cause into the terrible network congestion, 35% of DDoS attacks lead to paralyze of security systems of local network and 36% of DDoS attacks could be result in customer service and data failure. From here, people could find that this hack attack is very terrible.

The manager from ClearDDoS Technology said that the DDoS attacks mainly cause into the major threat to data center firewall, IPS, load balancer and other network layer equipments. On the other hand, DDoS attacks against the application will mainly lead to threat to user’s online business communication and other activities. The higher the profit margin of the online business system, the higher the frequency of DDoS attacks for these online systems. And, the application attack is very difficult to be defense.

Today, DDoS attacking target is transformed from the network bandwidth to session and application of the users. The newly attacking methods only require small flow volume and have high hidden performance. After prior Capitol and plan, malicious attackers could use the little traffic paralysis to attack the business systems and it is extremely difficult for the attacked system to recover quickly. Although DDoS attacking have now formed a complete industrial chain, the dedicated server industry also established professional protective mechanism against them.

If the website operator wants to be able to prevent DDoS attacks, they need to be able to discover the phenomenon of this kind of hack attack in advance which is to be able to accurately identify network traffic and found abnormalities in these traffics. The small traffic attack of application level is difficult to be detected as the small attack packets lost in the large flow of network access packet. For analysis equipment, it is very difficult to detect the small attack traffic which means that the flow streaming technology is not suitable for application-layer attack detection ( In addition, the DDoS attacks for mobile Web applications are also rising.

Although the DDoS attacks is very difficult for people to defense, the appearing of the professional DDoS Protection server ClearDDoS Technology could help people effectively solve this problem. The professional problems need the professional solutions.

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